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Suspect Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

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1. Before you start find and delete all the compromising information in your inbox.

2. Check the latest logins.

3. Change your password.

4. Check your password recovery options.

5. Check other account characteristics.

If your Gmail account has been hacked, then it means that the following problems will occur in your Gmail account without your knowledge:

  • Your contacts received suspicious messages from your address.
  • Contacts and/or mail are missing, and you’ve already tried the tips on our missing messages troubleshooter, such as searching your mail and checking your settings.
  • You’ve gotten a warning about suspicious activity from your Last account activity.


  • Choose a password that’s unique and hard-to-crack. 
  • So choose password correctly the password is not related to any user related information and not use the same password for different account.


Set the two-factor authentication

Check out two-step authentication setup instructions for Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook.com , Hotmail and Yahoo!.

  • In this two-step authentication process does not promise to keep out any snoopers. 
  • Try installing a spyware on your computer which alerts and monitors any suspicious action that appears on your screen. 
  • It’s certainly a great additional level of security for your email account.


Don’t open unrecognizable emails

Don’t open that email from an international domain with an overly captivating subject line saying we’ve won the lottery because this mails are being a kind of spam mail so try avoid it.


Check your email settings

Check out the mail forwarding settings & auto forward setting make sure there is no unexpected email addresses has been added.


Scan your computer for malware

Before login your Gmail account ensure that your system is  protected by the antivirus (or) not.

Applies to:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook.com 
  • Hotmail

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