What is Networking layer ?

  • At OSI model Network Layer is the third layer.
  • It handles the service requests from the transport layer and forward to the data link layer.
  • It translates the logical address into physical address.
  • It manages the traffic problems such as routing, switching and controls of data pockets and determines the route from the source to the destination.
  • Network Layers main role is to move the packets from sending host to the receiving host.
  • The main functions performed by network layers are Routing, logical Addressing, Internetworking, Fragmentation.
  • In Network Layer if packet reaches the router’s input link, the router will move the packets to the router’s output link.
  • Logical addressing is also used to distinguish between destination and source system.
  • In Network Layer Internetworking is the main role that provides the logical connection between different types of networks.
  • Fragmentation is a process of breaking the packets into the smallest individual data units that travel through different networks.

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