What is the Gap Analysis ?

Answer : Gap analysis is a business resource assessment tool…

What is the Gap Analysis ?

  • Gap analysis is a business resource assessment tool enabling a company to compare its actual performance with its potential performance.
  • It’s a formal Study of what business is doing today and can be conducted in different Prespectives, like.
    • Organization (e.g., human resources).
    • Business direction.
    • Business processes.
    • Information technology.

Gap analysis

  • The three steps to follow the gap analysis,
    • Analyze your current state
    • Identify the ideal future state
    • Bridge that gap

Analyze your current state

  • Start your current state analysis can include qualitative information such as team processes/methodologies, and quantitative information, such as the number of sales calls made each week.
  • In fact, your gap analysis process should evaluate everything you currently do so you get the “great image.”

Identify the ideal future state

  • The gap analysis report should also include a column labeled “Future State,” which outlines the target condition the company wants to achieve.
  • Like the current state, this section can be drafted in concrete, quantifiable terms, such as aiming to increase the number of fielded customer calls by a certain percentage within a specific time period; or in general terms, such as working toward a more inclusive office culture.

Bridge that gap

  • This gap analysis report should list all the possible solutions that can be implemented to fill the gap between the current and future states.
  • These objectives must be specific, directly speak to the factors listed in the gap description above, and be put in active and compelling terms.
  • Next steps include hiring a certain number of additional employees to field customer calls; instituting a call volume reporting system to guarantee that there are enough employees to field calls; and launching specific office diversity programs and resources.
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