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Administrative Assistant Reference Letter Sample

                                      Administrative Assistant Reference Letter Sample


Dear Mr. Lance,

I am sending you this letter as a formal professional reference for Lisa as a Management Assistant. Martin had been working on our staff for many years before budget cost required us to serve grate corporate dismissal. While Lisa’s posture was unable to live our dismissal, we are assured that she will land on her feet.

Lisa has an unbelievable eye for detail and she also has extraordinary computer skills. She is a faithful and well employee who rarely called in for unscheduled days off. Lisa was often asked to arrange meetings for our managerial staff and she always did such a professional job that the head soon came to be able to tell the meetings Lisa arranged from meetings arranged by other managerial assistants.

Lisa is also very responsible. She is always willing to own up to any of the very little mistakes she has ever made and she has never shied away from an opportunity to be in a posture of authority and responsibility. We had the maximum assurance in Lisa no matter what project we had assigned her to.

I fully guidance Lisa as your next managerial assistant and wish you to take full advantage of her talents. Please call me at 564-343-9876.  If you have any questions.

Truthfully Yours,



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