Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter About Harassment

A complain letter about harassment can be written by an employee against a colleague or superior to the concerned authority by producing sample proof .


Jim Harris
Sales Executive
Suntech Pvt Ltd, Michigan


Mark  Henry
Manager HR
Sun$$$$ Pvt Ltd

Date 12 November 2013

Dear Mr. Henry,

I am an  employee  in the sales- department under probation for past six months. I came to report to Mrs.Ramya  an for work.  I wish to bring to your notice that one of the employee of our organisation   has been harassing me mentally and taking undue advantage of my temporary appointment.

I am asked to find  her performance  of necessary task of mission during field-trips and  including paying her children’s’ school admission  making her reservations and bookings for Holiday , taking a  interest to get  print-outs for her son’s project work and so much of things thy make for him .to do my work Instead and i helped for her both professionally  and personally.

When I refused a similar favor  from her  on 10 November 2013, she hinted that this could cost me my job-confirmation. I did not report about these incidents for long since my  permanency in this job means a lot to me.

I request you to take action on my complaint .This is  a compliant against my superior for harassment and take suitable action at the earlier stage.

Yours obediently,

Jim Harris.

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