Everything You Need to Know About Battery Powered Digital A-Frame

To boost sales in your physical store, you need to increase your visibility as well as the number of people visiting the store. While there are different ways you can do this, digital signage is a great way of doing so. Digital signage is customisable, cost-effective and grabs attention better than some of the other strategies you could opt for. Digital A-frames are a great digital signage alternative that can be used by different types of businesses to capture the attention of passers-by and to draw them into the store. Here is everything you need to know about them.

How Digital A-frame Signs Work

A digital A-frame consists of the frame and the display. The frame gives these types of signage their name and can be single or double-sided. The digital A-frame also has components that help run it. These include components such as the ambient light sensors, USB hubs, media player and more. Battery-powered digital A-frames also come with a battery enclosure.

Once images and videos are loaded onto the internal flash memory, the software within the frame plays these media on a continuous loop using the included media player.

You Can Customise the Size

Because the whole point of getting a digital A-frame is to use it to capture attention, you should get one that is the right size. Fortunately, it is possible to get a digital A-frame sign that is of the size you like. This will mainly depend on the use of the sign but do note that larger screens consume more power. This means that if you opt for a battery-powered digital A-frame, you’ll need to ensure that it is of a size that allows for about 12-24 hours of battery life.

The Panel

Battery-powered digital A-frames use commercial-grade panels. These panels have an IPS display which has two glass panes with a layer of liquid crystals between them. The use of an IPS display helps keep the A-frame affordable while ensuring they are durable and bright enough for outdoor use.

IPS panels are also an obvious choice because they offer a very wide viewing angle meaning people can see and read what is on the panel even when they are almost in line with the panel.

They Can Be Used in Various Weather Conditions

Although a lot of people would think that battery-powered digital A-frame signs can only be used in dry conditions, that is not true. Companies that manufacture outdoor battery-powered digital A-frame signs often have a separate, weatherproof enclosure for the battery. This means you can use a weatherproof outdoor digital A-frame regardless of what the weather looks like outside.

Apart from the battery, the rest of the frame as well as the digital board are also sealed and weatherproof to give them longevity and functionality regardless of where and when you would like to use them.

The Battery

The batteries used in battery-powered digital A-Frames are lithium-polymer batteries that are light, making the A-frame portable, and powerful enough to power the display for 8-24 hours depending on the size of the panel and the type of medium being displayed. If you want to power an A-frame for longer, some come with a hybrid design where you can plug them in for continuous use.

There Are Various Media Options

The actual images and media on the sign can be displayed using different mediums. For most digital A-frame signs, the images and videos they play are updated using USB sticks. These signs save the images and videos on the USB on their internal memory and play them continuously. They use an Android media player to achieve this, meaning you get a lot of flexibility on the image and video formats you can use on your A-frame.

The other option is getting the digital A-frame upgraded so it has internet connectivity. In many cases, the hardware that enables internet connectivity and cloud updates is already installed and you only need to get in touch with the manufacturer to have it enabled.  Once this functionality is enabled, you can connect to the digital A-frame through the cloud and update the images, videos or messages on it.

A digital A-frame can be a great marketing informational or customer attraction tool for small and large businesses alike. Businesses can display customised messages, images and videos depending on their needs.

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