Top points to keep in mind for a successful salary raise

Top points to keep in mind for a successful salary raise
Top points to keep in mind for a successful salary raise

If you’ve been drawing the same salary for a long time, and strongly feel that you deserve better, you should start putting in efforts to get that long-pending raise. Please remember – you might know your value, but does your boss know it?

If you think that it’s time to do something about this, go through the points listed in this article that can successfully help you get that much-deserved hike. If you’re keen on learning about more such points, click here and carefully go through the content provided on the linked-to webpage. Most important is to follow a basic plan and put your point across with great confidence.

Back up your claim with documents

Please keep in mind that authorising your raise might not be a decision of your immediate boss alone. Most organisations have people higher up who need to sign-off on pay grade decisions. Create a written document and clearly outline each one of your contributions to the company. You should clarify what value you bring to the table. It’s important for people in authority to understand the reason behind your request. In the end, specify that you have records of each one of your contributions, and offer copies of the same.

Have a long-term approach

People who crave success approach both their short-term and long-term goals with comprehensive strategies. If you plan ahead well, there’s a high chance that your boss will get behind you too and help you achieve those milestones.

It’s important to create the right foundation of accomplishments and success. When you do that, salary raise becomes only a natural by-product. Your accomplishments and successes will inevitably get noted by the company heads, making it clear that you have climbed the ladder yourself and challenged every step along the way. It’s also important to specifically ask your boss about the expectations that need to be met, for you to accomplish your goals.

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Highlight your contributions

When asking for a salary hike, focusing only on your needs is the last thing you should be doing. Please remember, you’re paid by the company for your performance and how much you contribute to their growth, not just to help you meet your needs. Take some time out and ponder all the things you have done to add value to your organisation. Create a neat document of your performances and highlight how you’re going to add value in the future. You must concretely prove to your bosses that paying you a higher salary is going to benefit the organisation.


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Get the confirmation

Congratulations! Your request for salary raise has been accepted and you have been granted a raise! You shouldn’t just shake your superior’s hand and walk out the door. Ensure that you confirm how much raise you’ve been given exactly, and the date when it comes into effect. Please note, there could be changes in the terms and conditions too. Therefore, get everything in writing, thank your boss and only then move forward.

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