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Which Are the Industries Most Disrupted by AI?

From banking apps to Siri and Google Assistant, AI has altered how the world works and lives. Data collection and storage is easier than before and industries such as finance, healthcare, and logistics have tremendously benefited from that. Businesses have adopted this technology for its numerous advantages – reduced expenses, better future predictions, higher productivity. Here are some of the industries that have been the most impacted by this technology.


artificial intelligence

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With the world witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, called Industry 4.0, it is important to realize this was mainly possible thanks to artificial intelligence, particularly its machine learning subset. Machines have made the workplace safer and more productive. AI programs help manufacturers create better products, reduce downtime, and anticipate maintenance needs.

The role of AI in this industry is fairly obvious – produce higher quality products in less time – and automation makes it all possible. Robots have taken over the more repetitive, structured jobs, but since the algorithm is not yet perfect, they still need to be supervised. A study found that this technology is due to create 133 million new roles, while at the same time contributing to the dissolution of 75 million jobs by 2022.


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AI has contributed tremendously to the evolution of the healthcare sector. Hospitals are now able to deliver better care for their patients and doctors have access to more data to adapt to their patients’ needs. Chatbots are already in place on various medical websites, ready to answer inquiries and non-emergencies.

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Moreover, artificial intelligence and its power to collect accurate data could transform the reactive approach that exists today into a predictive one. This means doctors could have the necessary tools to conduct proactive behavior towards their patients, instead of waiting for them to have a health problem. If this system ever reaches the point of predicting diseases and increasing the accuracy of treatments, it would improve our quality of life and likely increase life expectancy.

Customer Service

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AI solutions to improve customer service have been embraced by many businesses from various industries. Chatbots and automated conversations have boosted customer interactions and have gathered the necessary data to personalize each customer’s experience. An industry that has embraced this technology to ensure its growth is the online gambling industry. Communication is a lot better between players and the support teams and there is always help there for any type of inquiries.

Websites like bonusfinder UK collect data and information on all the available deals and online casinos and then share it with their readers, saving time and offering them exactly what they’re looking for. This industry has benefited from a massive upgrade thanks to technology in general. Considering everything about the world is now digital, it is important to analyze the way people spend their spare time and what those activities have in common. This website uses these technologies to ensure that the customer gets the best possible deals due to how competitive this industry is.

Artificial intelligence is one of the highest achievements of this century and its full potential is still unknown. How it will fully impact human lives and its long-term effects on our society is something yet to be witnessed. However, as society continues to evolve many of these technologies will change how we conduct business.

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