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Why is PS4 still a great gaming console in 2020?

With Sony launching the new PlayStation console shortly, many have written off the earlier PS4. This console isn’t bad compared to the latest itinerant in the series; instead, it packs enough features worth discussing. Furthermore, it is way cheaper when compared to the latest PS5. Here are a few solid reasons to consider PS4 in 2020 for gaming. 


Support for external hard drive

Games have gotten massive and so is the storage requirement. PS4 offers support for the external hard drive, which is a boon for all the gamers globally. At the time of its launch, one can only enhance the storage by swapping out the internal hard drive, which was quite expensive. Now users can invest in a high storage capacity of a hard drive of their choice and run games right from it without any hassle. If you are looking to buy a hard drive for your PS4, then use Cyber Monday discount codes to get great discounts. 


Manage how much kids spend on the console

Every parent hates to see they’re wasting their time indoors too much on a gaming console. Therefore, ‘Play Time Management’ on the PS4 enables parents to monitor how much their kids invest their time on the console. This feature neatly presents the amount of time the game played for days and weeks. Parents can set in between what hours and how much their kids can have their liberty with the console. 

PS4 comes up with a massive library of games, and parents can even select games for their kids if they wish to keep them away from some hard-core action. The Latest Spiderman instalment is exclusive for the PS4, which is one of the best games right now on any gaming console. If you want to go for a new game at cheap rates, don’t forget to use Black Friday discount codes

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Listen to your favourite songs with Spotify.

Sometimes you would not want to listen to low, dull, or repetitive background scores in your gameplay. Therefore Sony brought the support for Spotify, which allows you to listen to favourite tracks while playing your favourite titles. Spotify app will keep running in the background and playing your favourite tracks while you are busy hunting around in the wild locales. 


Use some voice commands

When you are busy in battle or a stiff situation having some voice commands functionality can be a great addition. Sony has stuffed PS4 with some cool voice commands, which helps users select different games to simply browsing in the internet hands-free. As the name suggests, these commands are activated by a voice, which allows you to have massive control over a wide range of primary functions in the ‘options menu.’ 


Stream your game on the PC

Another great thing about PS4 is that you can stream your game right to your PC. Sony has been smart enough to update its console to mimic the trends of the modern days. It features gamers to stream their PS4 games right to their PC. Don’t forget to keep both your devices on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. It is excellent for those who have additional monitors or high-end PCs to make the most of their incredible PS4. Are you looking forward to getting a 4K monitor for your PC or PS4? Then, don’t forget to use Black Friday discount codes for better deals

PS4 isn’t going to be a thing of the past; instead, it has aged gracefully over the years, and today, it is way better than it was at the time of its unveiling.


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