Why Should You prefer to Enrol in SAFe Certification?

Why Should You prefer to Enrol in SAFe Certification?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an Agile development framework that has been specifically designed to optimize the performance of software development teams through consistent, repeatable, and iterative processes across multiple projects and products. But, if you’re going to work in an agile environment, you need to have the right skillsets and certifications in place; and your first option should be SAFe certification since it will benefit your career significantly.

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a software development framework. It is primarily used for scaling Agile teams across multiple sites, products, and business domains using a very systematic approach.

In fact, it was created by 17 of Google’s best Scrum Masters who used what they learned while creating Google-size projects. You can enroll in an online course on SAFe certification to discover how to build and run effective Scrum programs even at the enterprise level.

SAFe Vs Scrum

Even though Scrum and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) are often used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that they have significant differences. Scrum has a foundation of three key values: self-organization, timeboxing, and transparency, whereas Agile is based on Lean principles and continuous improvement.

However, Scrum is considered an Agile variant under Lean/Agile principles. So, let’s look at what one of these frameworks could do for your business. These aren’t necessarily two sides of one coin but more like two separate coins altogether: each providing a different spin to meet your needs. In order to get deep information about SAFe vs Scrum, visit this blog.

The Pros of Attending a Training Course

Online courses have many advantages, but perhaps one of their greatest is that they’re far more affordable than traditional training options. Whereas you might pay thousands for a live course—or several thousand for an online course with limited interaction and practice time—online courses are much more cost-effective and can often be purchased for a fraction of that price. Plus, courses like those offered by Scrum Alliance last only as long as you need them to, making them great short-term solutions to address skill gaps or prepare for certification.

Unlike classroom or onsite training options, there’s no pressure to continue with additional classes if your goal has already been met; once you complete a course through Scrum Alliance, your certificate is yours to keep forever!

Career Opportunities from Taking Up SAFe Certification Courses

What if we tell you that having a certification can lead to higher earning potential and even accelerated career opportunities? For instance, if you’re into software development, being certified as a SAFe developer can help you move to other related roles such as Senior Developer or Project Manager. Even if it doesn’t mean automatic promotions, it still means more opportunities than without one.

This is especially true for high-demand certifications like SAFe Developer, where there are many job openings and competition is fierce. But even if your current role isn’t in line with your certification goals, getting certified is still a great way to expand your professional network and make yourself stand out among other applicants who don’t have one—all while being able to command higher pay.

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