Public Cloud

  • Public Cloud provides a platform that is accessible to the general public through an Internet connection.
  • Public cloud operated on the pay-as-per-use model and administrated by the third party, i.e., Cloud service provider.
  • In the Public cloud, the same storage is being used by multiple users at same time. It is owned, managed, and operated by businesses.
  • Example : Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Public Cloud

Advantages of Public Cloud

Low Cost

  • Public cloud has a lower cost than private, or hybrid cloud.

Location Independent

  • It is location independent because its services are offered via internet.

Save Time

  • In Public cloud, the cloud service provider is responsible for the manage and maintain data. So the cloud user can save their time to establish connectivity.

Quickly and easily set up

  • Organizations can easily buy public cloud on the internet and deployed and configured it remotely through the cloud service provider within a few hours.

Business Agility

  • Public cloud provides an ability to elastically re-size computer resources based on the organization's requirements.

Scalability and reliability

  • Public cloud offers scalable and reliable services.

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Disadvantages of Public Cloud

Low Security

  • Public Cloud is less secure.


  • In public cloud, the performance depends upon the speed of network connection.

Less customizable

  • Public cloud is less customizable than the private cloud.

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