Mongodb Select Filter - MongoDB Tutorial

Mongodb Select Filter

  • In mongoDB the data’s are displayed using the find().
  • In general, it displays the Selected documents in a collection and returns a cursor to the selected documents.

Syntax :

db.collection.find(query, projection) 
Parameters Type Description
query document
  • Optional.
    Specifies selection filter using query operators. To return all documents in a collection, omit this parameter or pass an empty document ({}).
projection document
  • Optional. Specifies the fields to return in the documents that match the query filter. To return all fields in the matching documents, omit this parameter. For details, see Projection.

Projection :

  • In mongoDB the projection parameter defines which fields are returned in the matching documents.
{ field1: <value>, field2: <value> ... }
  • The <value> can be any of the following:
    • 1 or true to include the field in the return documents.
    • 0 or false to exclude the field.

Cursor handling :

  • Executing db.collection.find() in the mongo shell automatically iterates the cursor to display up to the first 20 documents.

Sample Query :

>db.mycol.find({key1:value1 }).pretty()

> db.wikitechy4.find({"author":"venkat"}).pretty()
        "_id" : ObjectId("5731e258daa4a0bc932a2ff9"),
        "websitename" : "",
        "details" : "learn mongodb basics and step by step",
        "author" : "venkat"
        "_id" : ObjectId("5731e296daa4a0bc932a2ffa"),
        "websitename" : "",
        "details" : "learn mongodb basics and step by step",
        "author" : "venkat"



  1. Here in this statement, we display the data’s from the collection “wikitechy4” where only the author name as “venkat” tends to display the data using find() rich query.

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