Openpyxl Filter and Sort Data

Filter Data

  • The auto_filter attribute is employed to line filtering and sorting conditions.
 Openpyxl Filter

Openpyxl Filter

Sample Code

from openpyxl import Workbook  
wb = Workbook()  
sheet =

sheet['A3'] = 40  
sheet['B3'] = 26  

row_count = [  

for row in row_count:  


for a1,a2 in sheet[sheet.dimensions]:  
print(a1.value, a2.value)  

sheet.auto_filter.add_filter_column(1, ['40', '26'])'dimension_1.xlsx')  


Merge Data

  • We can merge the cell using the merge_cells() method. once we merge the cells, the top-left one is removed from the worksheet
  • The openpyxl also provides the unmerged_cells() method to unmerge the cell.
 Openpyxl Merger

Openpyxl Merge

Sample Code

from openpyxl.styles import Alignment  

wb = Workbook()  
sheet =


cell = sheet.cell(row=1, column=1)  
cell.value = 'Wikitechy'  
cell.alignment = Alignment(horizontal='center', vertical='center')'merging.xlsx')  


Openpyxl Merge Output

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