Pro*c Restrictions

  • All the Windows operating systems can contain the spaces within the files and directory names, but Oracle Pro*C precompiler doesn't precompile the files, which include space within the file name.
  • For example, if the file name is that the first program.pc, then this file name are going to be invalid.

Embedded SQL statements

 Embedded Sql

Embedded Sql

  • Here, embedded SQL means placing the SQL statements inside the program . As we house the statements inside the C program , so C program is additionally referred to as the host program, and therefore the language we use is understood because the host language.
  • The Pro*C provides the power to embed the SQL statements inside the program.

Types of Embedded SQL Statements


Types of SQL Statements

    • Executable statements
    • Directives

Executable statements

  • Executable statements are the SQL statements that allow you to control the info within the Oracle database. These statements call the Oracle runtime library.
  • It also allows your program to attach to the Oracle database, to define the query, to control the info , and process the transactions. These statements are written where C executable statements are often placed.


  • Directives or declarative statements are the SQL statements that neither call the Oracle runtime libraries nor operate the Oracle data.
  • It's wont to declare the Oracle objects, SQL objects. These statements are often written where the C variables are often declared.

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