couchbase - Secure connection to couchbase using java sdk with specific cipher suites and protocols in couchbase - couchbase tutorial - couchbase lite

import com.couchbase.client.core.endpoint.SSLEngineFactory

object CouchbaseConnection extends  App {
//Create default environment object. 
//Set the keystone file path(download keystone from couch base cluster) and keystore password

  val  env = DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment
    .sslKeystoreFile("./conf/couchbase.keystore") //

//Get all SSL configuration for the default environment

 val sslEngineFactory = new SSLEngineFactory(env)
  val sslEngine:SSLEngine = sslEngineFactory.get()

//Set the list of enabled ciphers and transport protocols

  val cluster = CouchbaseCluster.create(env,"")
  // Open a bucket person
  val bucket = cluster.openBucket("person","test123")
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