Windows - Visualize the file system usage on Windows

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Windows - Visualize the file system usage on Windows

WinDirStat :

  • WinDirStat commandis used to read the whole directory tree. The three useful viewsavailable in WinDirStatare:
  • Directory list
  • Extension list
  • Treemap
  • The directory list,which resembles the tree view of the Windows Explorer will be displayed on the upper left and is sorted by file/subtree size.
  • The extension listis a legend that displays on the upper right and shows statistics about the different files types.
  • The treemap takes up the bottom of the WinDirStat window. 
  1. Each colored rectangle represents a file or directory, and the rectangles are nested, representing subdirectories and files within the directories. 
  2. The area of each rectangle is proportional to the size of the files or subtrees. 
  3. The colors of the rectangles for files indicates the file extensions that correspond to the extension list.

SpaceSniffer :

  • SpaceSniffer is a portable, freeware program that helps to understand the structure of the folders and files on the hard drives. 
  • The Treemap visualization layout SpaceSniffer helps to immediately visualize the location of big folders and files.
  • The area of each rectangle is proportional to that file’s size. 
  • Double-click on an item to acquire more details.
  • When searching for specific file types, such as all .jpg files, or for files older than a year, or any other condition, the Filter field can be used to limit the results. 
  • The filtering feature details can be known by selectingFiltering Help from the Help menu as shown below:

TreeSize Free :

  • TreeSize Free allows a user tostart the program normally or from the context menu of a folder or a drive.
  • It shows the size of the selected folder, including its subfolders. 
  • The tree is like Windows Explorer that can be used to explore every subfolder within the selected folder or drive and drill down till the file level. 
  • TreeSize Free can be downloaded as a portable program or as aninstallable file.

Disktective :

  • Disktective is a free, portable utility that reports the
  • real size of the directories.
  • distribution of the subdirectories.
  • files inside subdirectories.
  • Select a directory or drive when Disktective opens. 
  • The selected folder or drive is analyzed and a tree view displays on the left side of the window along with apie chart with percentages displays on the right as follows:

  • Disktective need to be installed as it is portable on USB flash drive.

DiskSavvy :

  • DiskSavvy is a fast, easy-to-use disk space analyzer that allows to analyze disk usage for hard disks, network share drives, and NAS storage devices.
  • The main window shows the percentage of disk space used by each directory and file as follows:

  • Pie chart or bar chart views can as well be obtained showing the results in a graphical format.
  • This freeware version allows for a maximum number of files of about 5,00,000 and a maximum storage capacity of 2 TB.

Applies to :

  • Windows 1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

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