What is unit operation ?

Answer : In unit operations their is only physical change is occur…
  • In unit operations their is only physical change is occur but no chemical change take place or we can say no chemical reaction take place.
  • Evaporation, Distillation, Liquid liquid extraction, Drying, Size reduction, Crystallization are the example of unit operations.
  • In these operations thier is only physical change take place like phase will be change or two or more substances are separated each other or particle size will reduce.
  • Unit operations are processes related to physical changes of the materials involved:
    • Mixing (Solid-Solid, Solid-Liquid, Solid-Gas, Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Gas, Gas-Gas)
    • Separating (Sieving, Filtration, Distillation, Fractional crystallization, Fractional freezing, Centrifugation)
    • Heating / Cooling of materials
    • Transporting (Solids, Granulates, Liquids, Slurries, Pastes, Gases)
    • Measuring (Weighing, Volumetrizing, Counting)

unit operation

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