MongoDB                                  MySQL
It uses MongoDB Query Language. It uses Structured Query language.
No restrictions on schema design. It is pre-defined schema design.
It does not support JOIN statements. It supports the JOIN statements.


It uses role-based access control. It uses privilege security-based model
Performance becomes faster than MySQL. Performance becomes slower than MongoDB.
Key features are Auto sharding, Comprehensive secondary indexes, In-memory speed, Native location, Embedded data models support. Key features are Triggers & SSL support, provides text searching and indexing, Query caching, Integrated replication support, Different storage engines.
It supports built-in Replication, Sharding and auto elections. It supports Master-Slave Replication.
Best fit for unconstructed data, works better for large datasets, High write loads, Data is location-based. Best fit for data with tables and rows, works better for small datasets, Frequent updates, Modify large volume of records.
The community of MySQL is much better than MongoDB. It has a good active community.


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