What is Blacklist ?

What is Blacklist ?

  • A blacklist sometimes called blackhole list,which is a list of usernames or IP addresses, that are denied access to a certain system or protocol.
  • The goal of a blackhole list is to provide a list of IP addresses that a network can use to filter out undesireable traffic.

What is Blacklist

Examples of Blacklist Applications

  • Web servers uses blacklist that denies access from specific IP addresses or ranges of IPs, for security purposes.
  • Firewalls may use a blacklist to deny access to individual users, systems located in certain regions, or computers with IPs within a certain subnet mask.
  • Spam filters uses blacklists that reject certain e-mail addresses and specific message content.
  • Programmers implemented the blacklists within a program to prevent certain objects from being modified.

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