DFD for E-Commerce Website

Answer : The System is recognized as a complete system “Fruit Bazaar System…

DFD for E-Commerce Website

  • The System is recognized as a complete system “Fruit Bazaar System. The main actors for this system as Admin, Users, ShippingAgent.
 DFD for E-Commerce Website

DFD for E-Commerce Website

DFD Level 1

  • User can Log-in, add, remove items to cart, register, pay.
  • Admin can have privileged login, they can change, modify catalog, to maintain the user data. In cart adding items then they can make an order. Un order database orders are stored.
  • The orders are processed and items from the warehouse are delivered to customer by shipping agent.

DFD Level 2

  • CartCustomer/User can browse the catalog and can add items to their cart for ordering. Moreover, Customer can remove items from their cart and after adding items to their cart they can checkout and move to Ordering.
  • For Order a customer should to be log-in.
  • Registration Maintenance
  • Admin can maintain the Catalog. The Catalog contains all items they are in stock with their rates.
  • Dynamic rates according to market value can also change the catalog information by Admin. He can add and remove the items from catalog and stocks.
  • User can manage their profile. Profile handling includes changing their account information like email, shipping address, passwords.
  • If the user has created an invalid account then Admin can be removing the account or can intimate User about any fault in their profile.
  • Physical Transaction At the time of delivery A shipping Agent which will take the items from warehouse along with the bill and deliver the item to customer.
  • Customer will pay the respective bill and the bill id will be stored in transaction database.
  • Cash transaction should be keeping record like in transaction database which will store bill amount and bill id.
  • LOGINUser enter their login-id along with password. If the entered data is valid combination then homepage will be displayed.
  • Otherwise a message intimating user about them invalidate login details.
  • After placing Order Customer will be intimated by an order confirmation mail and sending a SMS containing order details and delivery time.
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