What is the difference between vb and vb.net ?

Answer : VB stands for Visual Basic. It is a high level programming…

VB stands for Visual Basic.
It is a high level programming language
that is used for the fast development
of Windows based programs.
VB.NET stands for Visual Basic Network Enabled Technology. It is one of the languages for the .NET framework by Microsoft. This language has been created specifically for VB developers. It belongs to the category of object oriented computer programming languages that is implemented on the .NET framework.
Interpreter based Language Compiled language
VB Runtime Common Language Specification
This type of language is not safe. This language is safe compared to visual basic.
Multithreaded applications Cannot be developed. Multithreaded applications Can be developed.
Data is handled using DAO protocol, then RDO,
followed by ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)
Data is handled using ADO.net
An object based language. A true object oriented language.
Most of the parameters passed by reference. Parameters passing by Default value.
Objects support default property Objects does not support default property
Replaced by elements in Collection QBColor,
RGB DateAdd, DateDiff, DatePart, DateSerial,
DateValue, TimeSerial, TimeValue
System.Collection System.Drawing.Color Replaced by elements in System.DateTime
End Type structure can be used in declare function. Declared using the Structure…End Structure construct.
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