Confirmation Letter

Endorsement Letter Sample

                                                    Endorsement Letter Sample


Garth Dolphy

11 Mangalam Street, Pattaravakkam, Dindigul 45.


Dear Mr. zenith,

I sit down and make this letter because I am zest about the opportunity you are provided my old friend and co-partner, Felisha. I cannot think of a best person that I would write a support letter for. I first met Felisha when we both connect the management trainee program at Colonial Family Retail. I could see now she had the ability and interpersonal skills for working with people and getting things done. As we worked jointly over the years, I saw I was not mistaken.

What I have commend most about Felisha is her resolution to grow in order to be a greater benefit to her manager. After two years at Colonial, she assured to get a Master’s in Human Resources to better understand how to reduce waste and maximize manpower. This led to her becoming General Manager of Colonial’s North-eastern Performance. It did not shock me that within a year the department had development programs that saved Colonial almost $300,000 per quarter.

While I was sorry to hear my good friend might be leaving Colonial, I can understand how express she might be about this opportunity with wiz Tech Solutions. She has shown herself time and again to be an key asset. This agreement letter cannot pressure enough that she will do the same for you.

Best regards,