5 Best WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites

WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites
WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites

If your site is WordPress-powered, then there are some amazing SEO plugins that can be used on your site to get tons of organic traffic from a search engine such as Google. WordPress is considered one of the best SEO-optimized content management systems. This simplifies the process of optimizing your site. All you need is to make sure that you use a quality theme for your site that is optimized correctly and then add a plugin. This will help improve the efficiency of a dating site. Therefore, in this guide, we will try to choose the best plugins in 2019. We will talk about 5 of them that every owner of a Russian dating site or a developer should use. Let’s move on to the little helpers that will assist you!

1. jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

It is intended for content manipulation, located in image galleries. The functionality of this system unit allows you to download multiple images at the same time, set an individual description for a group of photos and each picture, and make many other settings for media files. If you intend to publish photographic materials on blog pages, it is recommended to use the useful functions of this module.


This helps you create content that is human as well as search engine friendly. In this way, it helps you get better rankings in search results and attract users. With it, you can get SEO statistics, get a weekly SEO audit, and find the best keywords for your site to get more traffic. It will not slow down the site, is compatible with other plugins that are used in the development of sites, and doesn’t interfere with them.

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3. Disqus

This plugin adds quality and quantity of possible discussion options for comments, turns writing comments into a comfortable process for authors, and for resource administrators, it helps control compliance with established rules. The plugin can recognize users who have passed the registration procedure. It allows them to link authors’ accounts to their profiles in top services, is able to process and organize comments, etc.

4. SiteOrigin CSS

If we are talking about plugins for website design on WordPress, then among them, there must be one that allows you to change the appearance of the activated theme. SiteOrigin CSS is just one of these options. After activating the plugin, you can change the theme elements – fonts, colors, sizes, and other parameters. And, despite the English interface, it is intuitively easy to use and understandable.

Simply select the desired element in the editor with the mouse and change it according to your own preferences using the toolbar. And for professionals, it is possible to add custom CSS for a more complete change in the look of the design.

5. Yoast SEO

This is a free plugin that offers you almost all the features to optimize your site, including an XML sitemap for your WordPress site. The analysis function on this plugin page is one of the key points; it can help any WordPress user understand how well an article is optimized before it is published. As for the perfect search query on the page, Yoast SEO will help you very well. It comes with an integrated optimization panel in which you can easily manage each element.

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When developing a web resource, each webmaster should have the arsenal of necessary additions that are useful for achieving a successful result in a particular field of activity. The presented list of plugins is only a small part of the possible advantages for the functioning of an Internet project, obtained by using the services of WordPress. Just choose some of them and make your dating site better.

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