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Which capacity window ac will be good in terms of cooling and energy-saving?

According to a leading market research firm, India’s air conditioner market is expected to register a CAGR of 12.2% between FY2018-24. This report has indicated that the residential AC market is likely to dominate growth, owing to the rise of the average purchasing power of Indians.

In the domestic air conditioner market, there are predominantly two types – window and split. The window AC price and its low-maintenance cost have played a significant role in its popularity. However, to fulfil the cooling requirements and maximise an air conditioner’s utility, buyers need to evaluate room dimension and associated factors to make an informed decision.

Top 5 factors to check before buying a window AC

  1. Dimensions of a room

The first pointer to consider before opting for an air conditioner is the dimension of a room. For instance, a 1-ton AC is ideal for a room sized between 90-130 sq.ft.. Therefore, check your room size before purchasing the AC of your choice.

  1. Compressor size and used metal

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner varies as per the capabilities of its compressor. Therefore, it is ideal to evaluate this pointer before making any decision. Usually, compressor size alters with an AC tonnage; hence, buyers need to choose accordingly.

In terms of metal of choice, modern air conditioners are equipped with copper compressors. The reason being, cooper is a better thermal conductor, ensuring superior cooling, low maintenance and durability.

  1. Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are another major point of consideration here. Air conditioners need periodic maintenance to keep their performance smooth. Hence, it is important to include this cost in the purchase decision to learn the overall cost of owning an AC.

  1. Noise control

Noise and ACs go hand-in-hand, but modern products are equipped with advance noise cancellation technologies. While considering window AC along with price, one must evaluate this pointer as well.

The best way to learn about it is by reading about particular products online and talking to existing owners.

  1. Air filter

While installing an AC, it is essential to keep air quality in mind. Hence, it is ideal to opt for a product that comes with advanced air filters and associated technologies that remove bacteria, odour, etc., from the air.

Following these pointers will help individuals to decide the ideal capacity of air conditioner suited for their house. Nevertheless, to find a perfect product, buyers need to be mindful of two more factors.

  1. Energy efficiency

The star rating mentioned on air conditioners ranges from 1-5, signifying their ability to save energy. Here, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the most energy-efficient product. Checking this pointer is vital as it will help buyers to get an understanding of the energy their appliance will consume.

  1. Pricing

Last but not least, one needs to evaluate the 1 ton AC prices before going ahead with the purchase. Their prices vary as per the capacity, features, and brands. Hence, individuals can conduct thorough market research to find a product that suits their budget.

Alternatively, they can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to find an air conditioner that will meet their cooling requirements and fit their budget. The price range for window ACs here is vast, so is the variety of products on offer. Hence, buyers have a plethora of options to choose their ideal air conditioner from.

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