6 important things to consider before finalizing your decision of going abroad to study

In our life, we make so many decisions and some are the type of decisions that may have the biggest impact on our life. No matter how important in the decision we always need to consider many things before making those decisions. Life is just a word until and unless you really put effort to live to the fullest. Career, dreams, passion, hobbies, etc all these things collectively make our life moving. We all have to do so much hard work to live a life that we have dreamt of. The best education and continuous hard work is the only thing that will make your life worth living.


We all have different dreams in terms of education like some want to get an abroad education and whereas some want to study locally. So, it is purely your choice to choose the destination at which you want to study. There is an endless craze among youngsters to study abroad. They are making efforts to get admission in abroad colleges to complete their education and to book studios there for their accommodation. If you have decided to study abroad then this means you have taken the biggest decision of your life.


Many students accomplish this dream in one go whereas some students are still struggling to go abroad to study. There are so many things that you need to do before you finalize your decision. This is not a one-night decision that yesterday you say you want to go abroad and the next day you will fly, it is nothing like this. Good things take time and we need to understand this. Some of the things that every student need to do before finalizing their decision are discussed as follows:


  • Sorting the list of countries, cities, etc: Before finalizing anything you have to make the decision regarding the country options available to you. You can take the help of your friends, family, relatives, etc to make this decision. If your relatives or friends are already there in New Zealand and you want to have emotional support then you can prefer to go here. You can also live in a shared apartment with your known ones. Make a list of countries in which more options for colleges, curses are available. Make thorough researches before finalizing this component.
  • Search for the college details: It is very important to search for every detail of the college or the university to which you want to seek admission. This is only possible if you have decided the destination to which you want to fly. Once you make the decision regarding the destination and college almost half of your work gets sorted. You can download the prospectus of the college from their official websites to know details regarding the courses available. You will get to know about many things from the prospectus and that is why it is important to read it in detail. Not only of one college, but you also have to read and download the prospectus of many colleges in which you will make further decisions.
  • Checking your eligibility status: Eligibility is the next important thing that you must know about. Either it is the eligibility for college admission or eligibility for your Visa purpose. As going abroad is not just searching and buying air tickets you have to follow a prescribed procedure and have to eligible to go abroad for study purposes. So, check your eligibility before making your decision. You need to search for the en-suite, on-campus accommodation after you check this.
  • Take suggestions from friends, relatives, tutors, etc: It is important to ask for suggestions from the known ones or the ones who are having some experience in this field. They will definitely help you to make various important decisions. The tutors can guide you in picking the right courses and subjects so that you don’t have to face any issue further. You can ask for the country options, environment, etc.
  • Search for the study expenditure and other costs: Once you are prepared to go abroad you have to be prepared for the big fat expenditure that you have to incur. So, it is important to check out the fees of the colleges that you are short listing for your admission. Not only this, there are many other expenditures involved like accommodation expenditure of living in private halls of residence or in shared en-suite, etc.


You have to bear many other expenditures of applying for the visa, official fees, fees of study abroad consultants, and so on. The travel guidance is important while you prepare for your journey abroad but before finalizing your decision make sure you know about all your expenditure.

  • Assess the available funds: Before searching for all these things you have to discuss these points with your family. It is important to ask your parents for their willingness to send abroad for study purpose. Your parents will be worried regarding your new home away from your home but you can tell them about the different accommodation options available to you like dual occupancy studio, or they can book student accommodation Exeter, etc.


You must discuss every detail of expense that they have to bear in sending you abroad. This is not enough as you have to check whether they can afford to send you abroad or not. If not, then they have to look for the different funding sources available. They can borrow money from banks, private companies, or from relatives, etc.


So, these are the following things that every aspiring student needs to consider before making their final decision. Not only this, but students have to ask many questions from themselves regarding this. They need to consider:

  • Can they live far away from their family?
  • Their ability to face financial or other crises alone.
  • Their management skills so that they can manage both work and study.
  • Their independence in making various important decisions as well as to live life independently.
  • The real struggle that they have to do in the new country.


So, all these questions will help them make the best decision.

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