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How Technology Can Be Used to Prove Your Reason to Divorce

Starting divorce proceedings is not a difficult task. Especially with the capabilities that are provided by the modern company OnlineDivorcer. Of course, each spouse who understands that there is no longer a future in family life with a partner can fill out DIY divorce forms and independently engage in a divorce process. But, online services can greatly simplify this process. This is a good option for those people who do not want to spend a lot of time and effort on finally breaking old ties with their unloved spouse.

What Can Affect the Divorce Process?

Despite the fact that the filing divorce papers online may take only a few minutes, the process of divorce and waiting for the decision of the judge can take quite a long time. The time frame for solving the problem depends on the conditions of the divorce. These conditions will depend on the reasons for the divorce and on the requirements of the spouses.

There can be several reasons for a divorce:

  • Mutual consent of the spouses in connection with the inability to restore the previous relationship;
  • The infidelity of one of the spouses;
  • Incurable mental health diagnosis. The duration of stay in the clinic at the time of the divorce proceedings should not be less than 3 years.

Depending on the state in which the spouses live, the reasons may vary and be supplemented.

Why is it important to establish the cause of the divorce? Because depending on this, the spouses will have different advantages when taking guardianship of joint children, and the distribution of family property. But, each specific reason, such as divorce, must be confirmed by the spouse’s arguments. The judge will consider each argument and will make its decision based on them. Therefore, just filing for divorce to successfully complete the contentious matter will not be enough.

How to Confirm Your Reason for Divorce?

In order for the decision of the judge to satisfy the requests of the spouses, each of them will have to provide evidence of their charges. But, collecting compelling evidence of own words is quite difficult. But today, the work of lawyers is greatly simplified, even thanks to social networks.

Any Internet connection always has a trace, and an ordinary user cannot delete it. So, thanks to the fact that the use of the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, it will be much easier to prove the guilt of adultery, for example.

Technologies That Can Be Used as Evidence

The Internet is a thing that is always with us. It gives us access to everything we think about, but it can also become a weapon against us.

  • Social networks. With their help, we can express our feelings, tell where we were and what we saw. These things have become part of the life of any modern person and therefore can serve as an incredibly powerful weapon to prove guilt, or to refute it. How is this applicable? If spouses get divorced due to infidelity, then by examining the spouse’s account, the lawyers can find important information about where the spouse was on the estimated date of infidelity. Also, in some states, there is a provision that simple flirting with a stranger can be a confirmation of infidelity. The judge is more likely to approve the charge of infidelity if the lawyers find correspondence and/or comments that contain flirting.
  • In addition to social networks, the availability of apps such as Tinder can also be regarded as evidence of infidelity. In some states, the presence of such apps on a mobile device is unacceptable for married people. But it is logically. After all, why should a man or woman look for someone in dating applications when they are already married?
  • Even if you delete all correspondence, the average user is not able to erase the invisible trace of the letter that it passes from the addressee to the recipient. With special permission, lawyers can read all personal correspondence. And if they contain a kind of slander, harsh remarks about the second spouse or love letters to the third person, then the court will take into account these data as evidence of misconduct and infidelity.

Summing Up

Any information may be used as evidence or refutation of guilt. In the modern world of information, it is almost impossible to hide the truth. That is why, in order to live in peace, you need to live honestly. And if feelings for the second spouse have long been disappeared, saying the truth will be the best solution. It is always better to take out a splinter that prevents you from living calmly and endure a minute painful sensation than living with it, and feel how every day the wound grows and causes even greater pain.

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