Phishing attack is a one of the trending Hacking of 2017. We know that the accounts either online or offline that are present on the network can be hacked but what if it is the case with the websites? Yes even websites also have some accounts and are protected by some password and that accounts can be hacked by the procedure called phishing attack. In this Article we will discuss about how the hackers use the Phishing Attack technique to hack the websites. These following steps are used to done Phishing Attack which you will be able to hack up the websites easily.

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How Hackers Use Phishing Attack to Hack Accounts


1. To start up with this method you will require the fake login page of any web account that you want to hack. For eg: if you want to hack Gmail account you will require the fake login page of Gmail. You could get the built fake login pages online for different websites. Each fake login page will have two files one is index.html and the other one is login.php. Upload these files on any free hosting site. You can host these on which is a free hosting site.

2. After creating the account on now go to the control panel and upload the files there. After uploading the files send the link of this fake site to your victim. As soon as the victim will login through that fake page a file named log.txt will be saved in your account and that will also contain the passwords of your victim. The fake login page will redirect to the real login page after the file has been saved. The redirected page will take the victim to the real login page where it will ask for the details again.

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3. Now you can access the password that are saved in your account on the free hosting site that you has used go to your account at free hosting site and get the file named log.txt. Open the file and you will find the password and account details of your victim. Congratulations, you has now hacked the account by Phishing Attack.


This technique might be the simplest method to hack the accounts as using this technique you don’t has to struggle hard to find the password but the victim itself will tell you the password and account details. Above steps will take you through the method of Phishing Attack and you shall be able to hack up the accounts easily if you will follow these up.

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