There are many reasons why you might want to sell your website. Maybe you don’t have time to take on a project, or maybe it’s not going as well as you hoped.

At this point, knowing how much your website costs is essential.

Knowing what its market value is will prevent you from selling off the website, as well as speeding up the sale by moving within a realistic price range.

To know the data, there are a few factors that will provide us with the maximum amount of information possible. Find out all about the subject in the following lines.

The most important factors in calculating the value of a website

1. Profits

If your website is generating profits, you would already have a key factor in calculating its value.

You just have to apply this formula: monthly allowance x 12 (i.e. the amount of benefits we will receive in a year if we follow the same path as before).

We could also vary the formula in the duration of 2 years (monthly x 24) or 3 years (monthly x 36).

To calculate the value of the web taking into account the rate of benefits, it is interesting to calculate its operating cost or maintenance. To do this, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time did you spend on the web before it became profitable?
  • How many links did you pay and what was the price?
  • How many campaigns have you paid for?
  • What has been the evolution of sales in the last months / years?
  • Should the company already be at its peak or is there growth potential?

Important: in any case, this factor will never be definitive. It can be used to negotiate with the client, but don’t hesitate to listen to his proposal.

2. Number of visits

Another factor used to calculate the price of a website is the number of visits it receives (the number of clicks as a reference index).

It is logical to think that the greater the number of visitors we receive, the greater the sales the web will have (except in rare cases).

To calculate the impact of the web in this case we could multiply the remuneration in advertising by the number of visitors (per month) and the monthly income received. As in the previous case, the result can be calculated for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Now, getting the most accurate data possible is essential to working with this metric. To do this, get an advanced tool, like Google Analytics. You will just need to get some Data Reports to study.

You can integrate this information with Google Webmasters.

Important: It is recommended that this study be extended to a full year. The reason is that there may be seasons when the numbers fluctuate too much. For example, with the arrival of Christmas it is normal for visits to increase, just as in summer they tend to contract.

3. Backlink

The number of a website has a lot to tell us about its value, but this criterion must be taken with a grain of salt.

There are highly authoritative backlinks that will significantly increase the price of the web, while there are others that have little power, they could even be penalizing and make the page worthless.

  • For example, a website with a link from Wikipedia could be very attractive to investors.
  • On the other hand, if the link comes from a social network like Facebook, it won’t do any good. It will in fact be a no follow; that is, it will not transfer some of its authority to your site, as would a conventional link (also known as a follow).

You will also need to check the growth rate of organic links over time. If the rate is skyrocketing, Google will take that as unnatural growth and we will receive a significant penalty.

4. Other factors to consider

In addition to the aforementioned factors, there are 3 others that we must not neglect to calculate the value of a website:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter: if the percentage of subscription to the newsletter by users is high, it is a great sign. This could increase the page value.
  • Impact on social networks: although the links of social networks, as such, do not have much value, if the associated community is active, they could positively influence the value of the web.
  • RSS reader: It is also important to know the number of RSS subscribers to a blog. If the content is high, it is a sign that the content is of good quality.

Now that you know all this, when you need to sell your website you can get a rough idea of ​​its price.

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