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The covid-19 pandemic has made it very clear that the traditional system of learning needs to adapt to modern technological advancements to match the children’s learning capacities. According to a survey, more than 56% of students now like to learn online because it provides quality education, is hassle-free, and offers personalized education.

The only problem that comes in this category is knowing which websites offer good tutors, especially for a subject like science. It needs an excellent tutor so that the child understands the basic concepts clearly.

Because every student is different, they learn differently and hence, one teaching approach may not work for everyone.

Therefore, it is very important that before you appoint any tutor, you check his/her ensure records are good and also talk to past students. You can easily find a good science tutor on one of the top online tutoring websites.

Here’s a complete list of top online science tutoring websites for kids.

  1. Chegg

Not just for science, but for overall good academic performance, Chegg is definitely the number 1 platform in the Edtech market. This website hires only professionals who are skilled in different domains, including music, which helps their students to get the best quality of education possible. The site provides courses in many different languages as well, so that language doesn’t become a barrier in learning.

At Chegg, students get access to lessons taught by top professionals of the world at a very affordable price. This makes Chegg the top tutoring website on this list.


Acquired by the Princeton Review, is one of the most comprehensive online tutoring websites for science.

The tutors who are available online and on the mobile app 24/7 to offer homework help and host live learning sessions for every age group, from kindergarten to high schoolers.

The best thing about this website is that it has a more practical approach to learning. So, expect to get good help if you are preparing for any professional examinations or interviews.

  1. Khans Academy

The main motto behind Khan’s academy is to aid children’s education in such a way that they are able to perform their best. It is a great tool where teachers are able to tailor their approach according to a child’s level of understanding.

They highly value personalized learning, so students get immense liberty to continue learning at their own pace, which is very important when it comes to understanding tough subjects like science.

If the element of competition is removed from the child’s mind, it helps them to absorb better. That is what the Khan academy is trying to achieve.

  1. Learn-to-be

Because science is a highly valued subject, online tutoring does cost a bomb. So, if you are looking for an excellent deal that doesn’t compromise the quality of education, then consider checking out learn-to-be.

It is a non-profit digital tutoring platform that offers great tutoring in math, English, reading, and of course, science. It has served over 2000 children since 2012. So, if you want to get enrolled here, fill out the form, and then you will be matched with a tutor and a personalized study schedule.

  1. Tutors eye

If you are someone who is looking to specialize in a specific stream of science, like biology then, a Tutor’s eye is your way to go. It offers a ton of flexibility in its services to help the students get access to the best learning possible.

Apart from participating in live sessions, you also get downloadable resources that will help to bring clarity whenever you have a doubt. The tutors also offer help to students if they face difficulties in their homework. So, decide what budget would suit you the best and then go for it.

  1. EtutorWorld

Children learn differently hence they need to be taught differently with different methods of teaching. eTutorWorld does just that. They appoint senior science tutors, offer online K-12 tutoring, free worksheets for solving, special preparation for SCAT, CogAT, SAT, etc, and so much more.

There are individual learning sessions for students where the student-teacher interaction is one-on-one. This helps the children to understand their strengths and weaknesses and solve doubts easily.

eTutorWorld is not only student-friendly but also very affordable. Their pricing benefits every student coming from every economic background. Even gifted students can pursue special courses here. So, decide on which plan to go for and enroll your child today.

Over to you…

I hope this list helped you in making a correct decision on which website would be best for your child. So, are you ready to take a step ahead towards your child’s brighter future?

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