It’s a rare student who passes everything in time. Especially when it comes to large deadlines and volumes. Let’s be honest: everyone at least once in their life has assembled a presentation, finished a report, or rewrote lectures on the eve of an exam. But what about your thesis or term paper? Is it realistic to write a diploma in a day, or here already without chances?

How to write a diploma in a couple of days: all possible ways

The minimum volume of the thesis is 50 sheets, not counting the appendix. If you have a free day, the speed comes out quite democratic: only 3 pages per hour, and even time will remain for preparing a presentation, a speech, and a couple of hours of sleep. By the way, you need to delegate some of your others task to someone. For example, when I was studying at University, I asked someone to write lab report for me  because I need some extra time to write my diploma. However, if necessary, you can speed up and write a diploma overnight. And how exactly to do it, there are several options.

Buy (or order) a ready-made diploma.

Perhaps, turning to other authors is the first thing that comes to mind if you don’t have time to write your diploma. What to do for the endeavor to succeed?

  • If your acquaintances have done the same, ask for their sources of term papers or dissertations. You should not transfer money to unfamiliar performers who have no real reviews.
  • Check that the diploma was not written earlier than 2-3 years ago. If it is older – check (and, if necessary, correct) the dates occurring in the text.
  • If you choose to prepare a diploma to order – as soon as possible send to the Executive, all the necessary information that you have.

If your university does not check the texts on the uniqueness, then purchase a bachelor’s diploma– the easiest option. Do not forget to read the content to write a brief speech for the defense. It is good if it comes with a presentation, otherwise, you will have to do it yourself. A diploma to order costs a lot more, but it will be of high quality, unique, and perfectly suited to your topic.

Use other people’s work

If the previous option does not suit you, there is another way. Use electronic libraries: you can find all published research papers in any discipline. Run a keyword search on the topic of your diploma. A list of other people’s doctoral dissertations on related topics will open to you. The rest is easy: download the work, check the content, and copy the paragraphs we need. Don’t forget to refer to the reference list – you’ll need it, too.

With the help of other people’s research papers, you can easily make a diploma in 1 day. As a rule, the main problem with this method is the high level of plagiarism. But, on the other hand, you will in any case have to reread the resulting text to know at least approximately its content and prepare a presentation. While you are reading, you can edit out individual pieces: it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Ask for help

If you’re not sure you can manage on your own, ask friends and classmates (of course, if they have already finished preparing for the defense). I used to ask my friends to write my research paper and they have helped me a lot. But you must understand that if they help you, you must to the same to them. If there are at least three or four people, you will be able to prepare your thesis much faster. In that case, you should do everything in order:

  • prepare a work plan;
  • divide responsibilities (one person writes the introduction, one person writes the theory, one person writes the practice, another person looks for illustrations, and so on);
  • write the contents and conclusion together;
  • in the end, you should write a speech (this can be done by those who wrote the main text of the diploma) and prepare a presentation.

Done! Interested group to write a diploma in 1 day, as you can see, it will not be very difficult. And after the defense (whatever the outcome) be sure to thank everyone.

Why rushing to graduate is a bad idea

Writing a diploma in the last 24 hours is not the best ending to several years of study. There are several reasons for this.

First, the evaluation. In such a short period, it is not possible to do full-fledged research, to put together a competent text with a moderate number of borrowings, and to find a large number of authoritative sources. You can try to pull your work in the defense by the presentation and confident speech, but will you be able to look good and answer all the questions without a stutter after a sleepless night? Not likely.

Secondly, you lose the purpose of the diploma. After all, the GER is the main work of the student, which shows his qualifications and skills. A lot of time is allotted to research and preparation. The thesis should be interesting, new, and topical. If you write the thesis quickly, it will turn into a simple work “for a tick”, like an ordinary report.

Third, there is a high chance that you simply will not be allowed to defend yourself. If you show at least a couple of weeks to show some work, there will be no such problems. But you could not demonstrate your work at the pre-defense, did not take in time to the reviewer. Only a very loyal teacher will close his eyes to this and let you perform in front of the commission. And finally, a bad mood and severe stress. Is it possible to write a diploma in a day? It is possible, of course, but only at the cost of a sleepless night, panic, overexertion, and liters of coffee. A semester free of writing your thesis is too little to benefit from several days of continuous work without sleep to write any semblance of a diploma. It is one thing if you have a couple of weeks, and you can count on the help of friends or supervisors. But if you first sat down for a diploma on the eve of the defense, then you should not expect a good outcome. Even if you can successfully pass the defense after such a march-through will have a long time to restore the mood and well-being. So now is the time to find out what’s up with the topic of your future diploma, and start looking for literature.

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