How to Reset a Chromebook to Factory Settings

One of the most convenient functions in chrome os is called powerwash, which allows you to reset your chromebook to its manufacturing unit nation with only some mouse clicks.

One of the most convenient functions in chrome os is called powerwash, which allows you to reset your chromebook to its manufacturing unit nation with only some mouse clicks. There may be a large number of motives why you could need to try this for your tool, ranging from preparing it for resale to just trying to start clean in terms of your person bills, settings, mounted apps, files, and so forth.

Irrespective of the using force at the back of your preference to powerwash your chromebook, the technique itself is extraordinarily clean — however can also be everlasting.

Because of the fact that a powerwashed chromebook cannot recover a number of its deleted documents and settings, it is important which you absolutely understand how it works before going via with it. This academic details the fine details of the powerwash function.

At the same time as most people of your chrome os files and consumer-unique settings are saved inside the cloud, with settings tied for your user account and files stored on your google pressure, there are domestically stored objects a good way to be permanently deleted whilst a powerwash is executed. Every time you pick to keep a report for your chromebook’s tough force rather than google’s servers, it’s far stored in the downloads folder. Before continuing with this technique, it’s miles recommended which you check the contents of the downloads folder and whatever critical to your google pressure or to an outside garage tool.

Any person bills saved in your chromebook may also be deleted, at the side of the settings associated with them. These accounts and settings may be synced together with your tool again following a powerwash, assuming that you have the required username(s) and password(s).

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If your chrome browser is already open, click at the chrome menu button — represented with the aid of three vertically-aligned dots and located in the higher right-hand nook of your browser window.

While the drop-down menu seems, click on on settings. If your chrome browser isn’t already open, the settings interface also can be accessed via chrome’s taskbar menu, placed inside the decrease right-hand corner of your display screen.

Chrome os’s settings interface must now be displayed. Scroll down and click on the show advanced settings hyperlink. Subsequent, scroll down again until the powerwash phase is visible.

Consider, jogging a powerwash to your chromebook deletes all documents, settings and user money owed that currently reside on your tool. As cited above, this process isn’t always reversible. It’s far encouraged that you back up all essential files and other data previous to committing to this manner.

In case you still want to continue, click on the powerwash button. A conversation will seem mentioning that a restart is needed to maintain with the powerwashing system. Click on on the restart button and comply with the activates to reset your chromebook to its default kingdom.

Please be aware that you may additionally initiate the powerwash method out of your chromebook’s login screen by using the following keyboard shortcut: shift + ctrl + alt + r

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