How to Manage the Top Sites Feature in Safari

The top websites function in safari shows thumbnail pix of the websites you visit most often. Instead of kind in a url, or pick a bookmark from the bookmarks menu

The top websites function in safari shows thumbnail pix of the websites you visit most often. Instead of kind in a url, or pick a bookmark from the bookmarks menu or the bookmarks bar, you may just click on on one of the thumbnails to quickly go to a website.

The top websites feature changed into first added with the release of os x lion and safari 5.X and changed into meant as a probable alternative for bookmarks because the predominant manner to navigate to those web sites you viewed most customarily.

Since the preliminary inclusion of pinnacle sites in safari, it has passed through some modifications and updates, resulting in a few functions requiring slightly unique strategies to get admission to them as time went on.

The pinnacle sites function automatically continues tune of how regularly you visit web sites and presentations the ones you go to most, however you’re no longer stuck with the consequences. It is smooth to feature, delete, and manage your top sites.

Access and edit pinnacle web sites

  • To access pinnacle web sites, click the grid icon close to the left facet of the bookmarks bar, or click on the records menu or bookmarks menu (relying at the model of safari you’re the use of) and pick display top web sites. If a site has up to date the contents of the web page since the final time you visited it, you’ll see a celebrity icon in the pinnacle right corner of the website’s thumbnail (safari 5 and 6 best).
  • To edit your pinnacle web sites, click on the edit button at the lowest left nook of the top web sites page (safari 5 or 6). For later versions of safari, you may hover your cursor over the pinnacle web sites thumbnails to expose icons that assist you to delete a page, or pin it to its contemporary vicinity, stopping the pinned website from shifting around at the top sites page.
  • You may rearrange thumbnails by truely dragging them to a brand new place on the pinnacle websites web page.
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Whilst you’re finished making adjustments to top web sites, click on the finished button inside the lower left corner of the top websites web page (safari five or 6).

Exchange the thumbnail length

There are three options for the size of the thumbnails in pinnacle websites, and two ways to make the changes, depending at the version of safari you are using.

In safari five or 6, use the edit button within the backside left corner of the pinnacle web sites page. You may then pick from small, medium, or massive thumbnails; the default size is medium. The dimensions of the thumbnails determines what number of websites will in shape on a page (6, 12, or 24). To change the dimensions of the thumbnails, click the small, medium, or large button in the lower right nook of the top web sites page.

Later variations moved the thumbnail length/number of web sites according to web page to safari choices.

Pick out options from the safari menu.
Click on the general tab.
Use the drop-down menu next to the item labeled top web sites shows: and pick out 6, 12, or 24 sites.

Upload a page to pinnacle web sites

To add a web page to top sites, open a new browser window (click the file menu and select new window). When the target website online masses, click on and drag its favicon (the small icon to the left of the URL in the deal with bar) to the top websites web page.

You may additionally upload a web page to pinnacle sites by dragging a link from a web page, an e-mail message, or some other document to the top websites web page. (notice: you should be in edit mode in safari five or 6 to feature pages to the pinnacle sites.)

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Delete a web page from pinnacle web sites

To completely delete a page from top sites, click the close icon (the little “x”) in the pinnacle left corner of the web page’s thumbnail.

Pin a page in pinnacle websites

To pin a page in top web sites, so that it can’t get replaced by any other page, click the pushpin icon in the top left corner of the page’s thumbnail. The icon will exchange from black-and-white to blue-and-white. To unpin a page, click on the pushpin icon; the icon will exchange from blue-and-white back to black-and-white.

Rearrange pages in top sites

To rearrange the order of the pages in pinnacle web sites, click the thumbnail for a web page and drag it to its goal area.

Reload your top websites

Dropping your net connection, even for a brief time frame, can cause a minor glitch in the pinnacle web sites function, however it’s smooth to restore with the aid of honestly reloading top sites.

Find out how in our tip: reload safari top websites

Top sites and the bookmarks bar

The pinnacle web sites icon isn’t a permanent resident of the bookmarks bar. If you want to add the pinnacle sites icon to or delete it from, the bookmarks bar, click the safari menu and pick out possibilities. Within the safari possibilities window, click on the bookmarks icon, and then test or uncheck “include top sites.” you may nevertheless be capable of get admission to your pinnacle web sites through the history menu.

Different pinnacle websites alternatives

In case you want to open all new safari windows in pinnacle sites, click on the safari menu and pick alternatives. Inside the safari alternatives window, click on the general icon. From the “new windows open with” drop-down menu, pick top websites.

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If you need new tabs to open in top sites, from the “new tabs open with” drop-down menu, pick out top web sites.

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