How to Set Up Daydream VR on Your Android Phone

How to Set Up Daydream VR on Your Android Phone - Mobile - The main impediment with Daydream, is that it is just accessible on the Google Pixel

Daydream VR – the new VR stage from Google, is a truly extraordinary affair, and at $80 for the Daydream View headset, it is certainly one of the reasonable ones out there. The main impediment with Daydream, is that it is just accessible on the Google Pixel, and the Moto Z line of telephones, starting at now. Thus, on the off chance that you have one of these Android gadgets, here is the manner by which you can set up Daydream VR on your gadget:

NoteThis is a guide to setting up the Daydream VR with a compatible Daydream device. To check the list of compatible devices, you can head over to the Daydream website. We are setting Daydream up on a Google Pixel.

Installing the Daydream App

Most importantly, you should introduce the Daydream application from the Play Store. On the off chance that you have an upheld gadget, you can essentially look for “Daydream” on the Play Store, and download the application on to your gadget. When you have done that, you simply need to set up the Daydream application with your Daydream View headset, match the Daydream controller with your Android telephone, and you’re good to go to experience fantastic virtual reality content.

Download Daydream from the Play Store (Free)

Setting Up the Daydream App

Once you have downloaded the app on to your Android phone, you need to set it up with your Daydream View headset. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Daydream appon your Android device. You will be asked to continue with your Google account. You can continue, or choose a different Google account, if you want.                                                                         How to Set Up Daydream VR on Your Android Phone
  2. Next, the app will confirm that you have a Daydream headset. Simply tap on “I Have a Headset “.                           How to Set Up Daydream VR on Your Android Phone
  3. You will then be taken through a couple of screens that detail how you can adjust the strap of the Daydream View headset, as well as somebasic precautionsto take, while using Daydream VR. Simply tap on “Next” on these pages to continue.                                                                                                                                                  
  4. Then, the app willdownload VR componentson to your Android device. This process might take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your network connection, so be patient. Once the components are downloaded, you may be asked to download “Daydream Keyboard “, simply tap on “OK “, and download the keyboard from the Play Store.                                                                                                                                  How to Set Up Daydream VR on Your Android Phone
  5. You will then be asked toupdate the permissionsfor the Daydream application, tap on OK, and give it all the permissions that it asks for.                                                                                                                                               
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The Daydream Controller

Before you get started with pairing the Daydream controller with your phone, you should know about the various buttons that are available to you.

On the front of the controller, starting from the top, you will see:

  1. TheTouchpad: you can swipe, and click on this Touchpad to interact inside the VR environment.
  2. TheApp Button: The functionality of this button may vary with the app you’re using. It may be used for pausing, showing menus, etc.
  3. TheHome Button: You can press this button to return to the Daydream home. Or, you can press and hold on it, to recenter your view.

On the side, you have the Volume Up, and Volume Down buttons that you can use to adjust the volume of your Daydream experience.

Pairing the Daydream Controller with Your Android Phone

Now that you have the app basically set up, and you know about the buttons available on the Daydream controller, you will need to pair it with your phone. To do this, just do the following:

The Daydream app will automatically ask you to turn your controller on. Simply press and hold on the “home” button on your controller, and it will automatically pair with your phone. Once done, tap on “Continue” and that’s it, the controller will be paired with your device.                                                                                                                         

Set Up Daydream VR Easily

Once you have completed these steps, you have successfully set up the Daydream View headset, and controller with your Daydream compatible Android phone. You can now simply pop your phone inside the Daydream View headset, and follow the on-screen instructions, to learn how to use Daydream, and how to interact with various objects inside virtual reality.

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Now that you know how to set Daydream up, go ahead and enjoy your trip into virtual reality.

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