Technology has advanced in the last decades, and the things that seemed impossible are now a piece of cake. People who struggle with advanced technology can also use smartphones as a pro because it has a user-friendly interface.

People might have reasons to spy on someone’s smartphones, either for parents who are worried for their children or employers worried about company secrets. Regardless, the main issue is how to track the target device remotely. As we discussed, advanced technology has opened gates for impossible things to be possible. People can now track smartphone remotely with phone tracking apps.

What is TheWiSpy, the mobile phone tracker ?

TheWiSpy is the best phone tracker app with more than 30 advanced spying features and exceptional functionality. The reason why TheWiSpy is the first choice for people is that it offers real-time spying results with 100% accuracy. That’s right, no matter when you want to get details about the target device, you have to get access to the dashboard of the app and start monitoring.

The application is available to purchase for android mobile phone tracker for both employers and parents. It has extensive functionality where parents can monitor teens’ daily activities; employers can monitor employees’ daily progress. All these incredible services are available to use with TheWiSpy app, and that is TheWiSpy, the best phone tracker app.

How can TheWiSpy help monitor android phones remotely ?

There is no possible way to keep track of your loved one’s activity all day long; you have to go to work or perform other activities as well. But if you are worried about the security of your loved ones and noticing some unusual behavior, then quick action is needed. TheWiSpy offers the functionality of remote monitoring or tracking of smartphones.

It is the best mobile phone tracker app that allows parents, partners, or employers remote access to the target device. Remote monitoring has opened ways for parents to keep full control over their kid’s security because now they don’t have to compromise. TheWiSpy.com offers the following remote control to the user for tracking android phones.

·         Track live location of smartphones :

One of the most important elements in a mobile phone tracker is to track the live location of the target device. For example, if parents monitor their kids, they will want to have all-time access to the live location.

If an employer is monitoring their employees, they would want to know their employees’ whereabouts during working hours. And 24\7 instant location alerts are only available through TheWiSpy phone tracking app. The app will generate a real-time location and send a notification to the end-user.

·         Remote access to mobile online activity :

Kids of this age are always on smartphones and using the internet. There is no harm in using the internet until kids get familiar with inappropriate websites and apps. It changes the whole dynamic of letting children use the internet; that’s why TheWiSpy offers remote access to the teens’ mobile online activity. Remote control will allow parents to monitor the activity and block or restrict children from using such sites.

·         Remote access to target device :

Spying on someone’s phone is a hard task; you will have to access the target smartphone and know their password to get in. But TheWiSpy is a phone tracking app that has made tracking easier with the help of remote access to the target device.

You won’t have to physically present for tracking because the installed application will gather all required information and transfer it to the control panel. It is an advanced feature of a phone tracker that allows the user to access all online and digital activities of the target phone remotely.

·         Set parental controls remotely :

Most parents are convinced to use the best phone tracker app for their teen’s smartphones to monitor them remotely. That’s because the online threat and bullying have taken place, which is ruining kids’ mental health.

TheWiSpy provides more than 30 parental controls to parents so they can track their kid’s online activity without any problem. These parental controls offer real-time result with accuracy that leaves parents stress-free.

Powerful features that help in remote monitoring :

What makes a mobile phone tracker best? It’s powerful advanced features that can provide real-time results. Following are some key features of the best mobile phone tracker app that help remote monitoring.

Call recording :

Spying on a smartphone requires a smart tool or feature that can record incoming and outgoing calls, and TheWiSpy offers that. With an advanced call recording feature, you can listen to recorded calls anytime you want.

GPS tracking :

Do you want real-time GPS location 24/7? You got it! TheWiSpy is a phone tracking app that offers GPS tracking with the real-time result. There is no need for parents to worry about kid’s sudden plans with friends because they can monitor them remotely.

Monitoring text messages :

Texting has become the main source of contact for most adults. That’s why spying on text messages can be beneficial. TheWiSpy offers a text message monitoring feature that offers access to SMS chats of all apps.

Screen recording :

There is no need to worry anymore about what content your kid is watching when you’re not around. Mobile phone tracker provides a screen recording feature that records all screen activity with a single click.

Voice recording :

Voice message recording is a feature that this app offers for recording all voice messages sent during the chat for listening later.

Spy camera :

Do you want to catch traitor red-handed? You can catch any traitor with the help of our advanced spy camera feature. It will allow the user to capture live scenes using front and back cameras as proofs. The clicked pictures using this app will be used as evidence for confronting.

Multimedia tracking :

Best mobile phone tracking app offers a multimedia tracking feature for the user. Using this feature user will have full access to all multimedia files stored on the target device.

Surround recording :

TheWiSpy team works hard to provide the best spying features to their user, and one of the results is the advanced surround recording feature. It allows user to record live conversation around the target device and listen to it.

Compatibility :

Device compatibility is very important to run an application, no matter what type of app you’re trying to install or use. It’s wise to check your device compatibility before purchasing any app. TheWiSpy is a phone tracking app that is compatible with almost all android devices; your device should be android and 4.1 OS, at least for work properly.

Pricing :

TheWiSpy offer wide range in pricing plan for users. You can buy any of this plan according to personal needs. There are three plans available on the official website of TheWiSpy best phone tracking app that you can purchase.

The affordable plan starts from $9.99 only and then goes up with more requirement. A standard plan starts from $19.99 only, including all spying features. The third plan is a premium plan with all the advanced features and is available for $29.99 only.

How to install the app ?

The application is installed in three easy steps.

Purchase: You will have to buy the mobile phone tracker software from the website.

Install: An email will be sent to you after the purchase to install the app in few minutes.

Account set-up: After installing the app, you will have to set up the account with the given details via email, and you’re ready to track the target phone.

Conclusion thought :

People who doubt what phone tracker they should use to spy on android mobile phones might find this article very helpful. All advanced features and real-time functionality make TheWiSpy the best phone tracker app. It has different products used to spy on kids, employees and phone tracking. Regardless of what your intentions are, TheWiSpy will help you monitor cellular devices remotely. It has easy installation and a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to spy remotely.

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