Top Best Free PC Hacking Tools 2017

Top Best Free PC Hacking Tools 2017 - Hacking - Best tools (software) to hack and skip Wifi and lock screen security and pentesting.

Top Best Free computer Hacking tools 2017 – Best tools (software) to hack and skip wifi and lock screen security and pentesting. :As you all understand about computer hacking a few apps aren’t in save so I can represent you the selected pinnacle nice free hacking gear. Those hacking equipment will affords you tutorials of hacking and enhance your fundamental talents. Those good iphone hacking tools you want to carry out hacking. Those top free iphone hacking tools will assist the hackers to hack a application to your device and extra. Those are the tools which are greater useful to do your process simpler. Learn the tutorial of  hacking tools. Here is the top best free computer hacking tools which helps in the world to gain education on hacking purposes which will increase your hacking skills.It contains the hackers tools which are used by hackers for hacking.

Top Best Free PC Hacking Tools

A) OphCrack

Ophcrack is a password cracking software program which might be based totally on rainbow tables. It runs on diverse operating systems like MAC OS, Unix/Linux, home windows. It is also comes with the graphical user interface and runs on as you more than one platforms. It’s not difficult to crack LM and NTLM hashes on this software program. For studying the passwords actual time graphs are used in this. Essentially is an open source.

B) RainbowCrack

RainbowCrack uses time-memory tradeoff algorithm to crack hashes. It differs from brute force hash crackers. A brute force hash cracker generate all viable plaintexts and compute the corresponding hashes at the fly, then examine the hashes with the hash to be cracked. As soon as a in shape is observed, the plaintext is discovered. If all feasible plaintexts are examined and no suit is discovered, the plaintext isn’t found. With this kind of hash cracking, all intermediate computation results are discarded.

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C) AirCrack

Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking application that could get better keys as soon as enough data packets were captured. Aircrack-ng is a set of tools for auditing wi-fi networks. It implements the same old FMS attack alongside some optimisations like KoreK attacks, as well as the PTW attack, as a consequence making the assault lots quicker in comparison to other WEP cracking tools.

D) IKE Crack

IKECrack is an open source IKE/IPSec verification crack tool. This tool is designed to brute-force or dictionary attack the key/password used with Pre-Shared-Key [PSK] IKE authentication. The open source version of this tool is to show proof-of-concept, and will work with RFC 2409 based aggressive mode PSK authentication.

E) Kismet

Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection machine. Kismet additionally supports plugins which permit sniffing different media which include DECT. Kismet identifies networks by passively gathering packets and detecting general named networks, detecting hidden networks, and inferring the presence of nonbeaconing networks thru records traffic. Kismet will work with any wi-fi card which helps raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and (with appropriate hardware) can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic.


KisMAC is a wireless network discovery tool for Mac OS X. Data can also be saved in pcap format and loaded into programs such as Wireshark. The program is geared toward network security professionals, and is not as novice-friendly as same applications. Dispersed under the GNU General Public License,KisMAC is free software. KisMAC will scan for networks passively on supported card and many third-party cards, and actively on any card maintained by Mac OS X itself.

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G) FireSheep

Firesheep has a packet sniffer that may intercept the cookies which might be encrypted from Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook and is derived with the Firefox internet browser. Firesheep is available for both the windows and Mac OS X working device. It’s been warned that using the extension to seize login details without permission might violate wiretapping legal guidelines and/or laptop security legal guidelines in a few countries.

H) AirJack

AirJack is a device driver (or suit of device drivers) for 802.11(a/b/g) raw frame injection and reception. It is ment as a development tool for all manner of 802.11 applications that need to access the raw protocol

I) WepLab

Weplab is a tool designed to teach how the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) wireless encryption protocol works, explain the security vulnerabilities in the protocol, and demonstrate attacks that can be used to compromise a WEP protected wireless network. Weplab is designed not only to crack WEP keys but to analyze the wireless security of a network from an educational point of view.

Weplab is a tool designed to teach how the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) wi-fi encryption protocol works, give an explanation for the safety vulnerabilities within the protocol, and display attacks that can be used to compromise a WEP included wireless community. Weplab is designed no longer only to crack WEP keys but to analyze the wi-fi protection of a network from an educational point of view.

J) WireShark

Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. It is used for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications protocol development, and education. Originally named Ethereal, the project was retitled Wireshark in May 2006 due to trademark issues. Wireshark is cross-platform, using the GTK+ widget toolkit in current releases, and Qt in the development version, to implement its user interface, and using pcap to capture packets; it runs on Linux, OS X, BSD, Solaris, some other Unix-like operating systems, and Microsoft Windows.

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