PouchDB Tutorial | What is PouchDB

What is PouchDB ?

  • PouchDB is an open source , in-line database , NoSQL written in JavaScript. It is modelled after CouchDB.
  • It can save the data locally , so it is ready to construct applications that work offline and online.
  • It internally uses WebSQL and IndexedDB to store data.

How does PouchDB work even Offline ?

  • PouchDB works offline as same as online.
  • Whereas offline, PouchDB stores information locally using WebSQL and IndexedDB within the browser.
  • When the application is back online, it is synchronized with CouchDB and compatible servers.
  • Using PouchDB, you'll be able communicate with both local and remote databases consistently without taking note any difference.


PouchDB Features

  • Following is the most important features of PouchDB:
    • PouchDB is Cross-Browser
    • PouchDB is Lightweight
    • PouchDB is easy to learn
    • PouchDB is Opensource

PouchDB Advantages

  • PouchDB is extremelly quick since it resides inside the browser and there's no got to perform queries over the network.
  • PouchDB facilitates you to synchronize the information with any of the backed server that's why your app can run both online and offline.

Supporting Browsers

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