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  • Choosing the right font for your email template is a most important decision.
  • Recommended setting for Email body size within 14-16px range, with 14px font size is suitable for longer emails and 16px font size will be best for short ones.
  • We can use any font you like in an email, but if our subscribers don’t have that font on their device, they are not going to see it.

Syntax for apply font:


Get font from CDN:

  • We can import font from CDN here is an Example using

Syntax for import font from CDN:

@import url(|Lobster);

Email-safe fonts:

  • Some Email-safe fonts listed below which are the majority of computers having these fonts.
Windows Mac
Arial Arial,Helvetica
Arial Black Arial Black, Gadget
Comic Sans MS Comic San MS5
Courier New Courier New
Georgia1 Georgia
Impact Impact5, Charcoal6
Lucida Console Monaco5
Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Grande
Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua3 Palatino
Tahoma Geneva
Times New Roman Times New Roman, Times
Trebuchet MS1 Trebuchet MS
Verdana Verdana, Geneva
Σψμβολ2 (Symbol) Σψμβολ2 (Symbol)
Webdings (Webdings) Webdings2(Webdings)
Wingdings2 (Wingdings) Zapf Dingbats2 (Zapf Dingbats)
MS Sans Serif4 Geneva
MS Serif4 New York6

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