• For storing huge amount of data in xml format we use XML format.
  • As XML is rapidly growing in every field, we need to have a secure place to store the XML Documents.
  • Xquery is used to query the data stored in the database, serialized, and exported into the desired format.

Types of XML Database

  • XML- enabled
  • Native XML (NXD)

XML – Enabled Database

  • To convert XML documents we need XML enabled database.
  • In this relational database, data is stored in tables in the form of rows and columns.
  • The tables contain a set of records, which in turn consist of fields.

Native XML Database

  • In this database, the database is based on container rather than table format.
  • Large amount of XML document and data can be stored in this database.
  • This database is queried by using X-path Expressions.
  • This database has an advantage over the XML enabled database.
  • It is highly capable to store, query and maintain the XML document than XML-enabled database.

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