What is Transaction in DBMS ?

  • If we need one or more database access operations, we have a logical unit of processing called Database Transaction.
  • In simple, database transactions represent real-world events of any enterprise.
  • Database is inconsistent during the transaction.
  • Database is committed only once the state is changed from one consistent state to another.

State of Transactions

Active State

  • A transaction is said to be in an active state when the execution process begins.
  • This is the state where read write operations are performed.

Partially Committed

  • A Transaction is said to be in a partially committed state after the end of a transaction.

Committed State

  • When a transaction is executed successfully, transaction is said to be in the committed state.
  • Changes made are recorded in the database permanently.

Failed State

  • A transaction is considered to be in the failed state when any one of the checks fails, or when the transaction is aborted while it is in the active state.

Terminated State

  • A transaction is said to be in the terminated state when certain transactions which are leaving the system cannot be restarted.

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