How to detect phishing ?

How to detect phishing ?

There are 5 ways to detect a phishing.They are

  1. The email is sent from a public email address - The sender’s email address, as this can help identify if the person is truly who they claim to be. Frequently, the criminal will use a public email address such as If your bank or team mate is going to email you, it will come from a company email account with the company name in the email address.
  2. Strange attachments - If you receive an unexpected email or an email from someone you don’t know asking you to open an attachment, do not open it. These attachments can contain malware that can damage your computer and capture your personal data.
  3. The creation of a sense of urgency - Phishing emails often ask recipients to verify personal information, such as bank details or a password. They can create a sense of urgency by warning that your account has experienced doubtful activity or imagining to be someone you know who is in urgent need of financial help.These are massive warning signs. If you are ever unsure, contact the company or person using the contact details you already have for them or that are on their genuine website. Never use any contact details or click any links provided in the email.
  4. Links to unrecognised sites or URLs that misspell a familiar domain name - Phishing emails may ask you to click a link within the email. By hovering your mouse over the link or address, you can see the linked site’s true URL. These URLs can be slightly misspelled or completely different to what you are expecting, so always double check before you click.
  5. Poor spelling and grammar - You can often detect a phishing email by the way it is written. The writing style might be different to that usually used by the sender and it might contain spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

One of the reasons behind the large increase in phishing attacks is the lack of basic knowledge about them. People are fundamental to cyber security, so it is vital that they can detect security threats and know how to respond.A cyber health check will help you identify your weakest security areas and recommend appropriate measures to mitigate your risks. This includes an online staff questionnaire, whose results will be analysed to gauge their cyber security awareness.

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