Asbestos Cancer | What is Asbestosis

  • asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals.
  • It is very famous in terms of
    • Flexibility,
    • renowned for its heat resistance,
    • stretchable nature and
    • insulating characteristics.
  • It is applied for everything from fire-proof T-shirts and commercial construction.
  • It was interlaced into fabric, and also mixed with cement.
  • what does asbestos look like - The mineral asbestos is commonly known by its colors as
    • blue asbestos
    • brown asbestos
    • white asbestos
    • green asbestos.

  • Below are some of the uses of asbestos in the real life like,
    • asbestos sheet - Preparation of shelter sheet
    • asbestos cement - used for construction
    • asbestos ceiling - used for construction
    • asbestos pipe - used in pipes
    • asbestos in plaster - used for construction of walls and sealing the holes
    • asbestos ceiling tiles - used for construction
    • asbestos in popcorn ceiling - used for construction
    • asbestos roof - used for construction
    • asbestos floor tiles - used for construction
    • asbestos siding - used for construction

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