10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro
10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro
10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro - Internet - The default applications on the MacBook Pro, as of now support the Touch Bar.

Apple unveiled their most recent MacBook Pros, a few months back, and the greatest plan change (aside from the littler bezels, and more slender form… and all USB-C arrangement), was the expansion of a Touch Bar to the higher end 13″, and the 15″ model of the MacBook Pro. The default applications on the MacBook Pro, as of now support the Touch Bar, thus do a portion of the applications created by Apple, for example, Final Cut Pro. Be that as it may, while the Touch Bar looked like something of a novelty at the time, it has rapidly caught on, and some really extraordinary applications have begun supporting it. In this way, if you’ve quite recently purchased the new 2016 MacBook Pro, and are looking to put that extraordinary Touch Bar to use, here are 12 cool Touch Bar applications for your MacBook Pro that you ought to look at:

1. Spark Email

Spark is one of my most loved email clients, and is really the one that I use, on my MacBook Air. Spark rushed to bounce onto the Touch Bar wagon, and this has resulted about a truly very much prepared Touch Bar support in the application.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro


With Spark, and a Touch Bar empowered MacBook Pro, you will get choices to rapidly mark messages as “Read/Unread“. You will also have the capacity to “Reply/Reply All“, or “Forward” messages by simply tapping on your Touch Bar. The Touch Bar catches for Spark include some different choices, for example, “Snooze”, “Pin”, “Move to Folder”, and significantly more.

Download Spark for Mac (Free)

2. Coda 2

Coda is an editor for web developers. The application accompanies awesome features for web designers, for example, automatic indentation, auto-closing of tags, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, the preview pane updates in real time to show what your page will resemble. Also, if you have the Coda application installed on an iOS device, you can utilize “Air Preview” to see the rendered website page on your iPhone, or iPad.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

With Touch Bar support in Coda 2, you get choices to change the space of content, something that is extremely valuable. You additionally get a catch to rapidly switch between the editorial manager, and the preview window, so you can undoubtedly see any progressions you made in the code, reflect in the editor, without clicking any menu choices. The Touch Bar additionally offers a one-tap solution for add comments to the site code, along with a handy search, and “go to line number” function.

Download Coda 2 for Mac (7 days free trial; $99)

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is one of the top PDF reader, and editor that I have used. The application is established by Readdle, and has been rapid sufficient to start supporting the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

With the most recent version of PDF Expert, running on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you will get alternatives to do things like explain annotate the PDF, redact sensitive data utilizing the power outage, or the eraser tool, embed content, pictures, connects, and do significantly more. There are a lot of different alternatives accessible, too, for example, the capacity to highlight content, underline, or strikethrough content, insert content, or comments, and so on.

Download PDF Expert for Mac (7 days free trial; $59.99)

4. djay Pro

djay Pro is one of the applications that was showed working live with the Touch Bar when Apple first demoed it at their event. With the integration of djay Pro with the Touch Bar, you get stress-free choices to do things like scratch through a track, and accomplish a whole lot of cool things with the track, with applying filters, gates, echo, and a lot more. This is definitely one of the cooler ways to utilize the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

Download djay Pro for Mac (15 days free trial; $39.99)

5. Outline

Outline is an application that you can use to take notes, manage notebooks, and do a lot of composing work in. The application is a lot like OneNote from Microsoft, in that it utilizes notebooks, segments, and pages to compose writings.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

It is definitely an awesome application to utilize, and with the Touch Bar support, you get simple access to a lot of functions.You can do things like format content, change the arrangement, insert emojis, and even include bullet, or numbered lists.

Download Outline for Mac (14 days free trial; $39.99)

6. OmniPlan

OmniPlan is a planning application for Mac, that you can use to unmistakably lay out, and plan every one of the things that you have to do in a period of time. The application makes “tasks” that you can set to various colours, and alter on the course of events, as indicated by when you have to finish them.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

With the Touch Bar support in the application, you get choices to rapidly alter the colour of a task, mark tasks as completed so your work is on plan, move behind-schedule tasks to later dates, etc. However, the most beautiful use of the Touch Bar in this application, is the complete visualization of all your tasks in the Touch Bar, that you can act together with.

Download OmniPlan for Mac (14 days free trial; starting from $74.99)

7. TouchSwitcher

TouchSwitcher is a cool Touch Bar application that will let you rapidly, and effortlessly switch between the open applications on your Mac. This is good as you don’t want to press command + tab all the time. You can just click on the TouchSwitcher icon the Touch Bar, and select the application that you need to switch to. It’s as stress-free as that.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

Download TouchSwitcher for Mac (Free)

8. Glimpses

Glimpses is a basic application. It does only a certain something, and does it well. The application is utilized to consolidate different pictures into a video. You can change the measure of time that each picture is shown, and you can add background sounds to it.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

Since the application has Touch Bar support, you get options to rapidly import pictures from disk, Flickr, or Instagram. You also get the choice to include a soundtrack, and configure the settings for the video. When you have done all that, you can essentially tap on the “Make” button on the Touch Bar, and Glimpses will join the majority of your photographs into a cool video with the soundtrack you chose.

Download Glimpses for Mac (15 days free trial; $19.99)

9. Better Touch Tool

For those of you that don’t know, Better Touch Tool is likely the most broadly utilized third party tool on Macs. It amplifies the usefulness of each part of the device, and permits you to modify endlessly. Presently, the application supports Touch Bar, and permits you to make a wide range of custom Touch Bar catches that you can dole out to do whatever you need them to do. You can make Touch Bar catches to rapidly launch sites, run a few scripts, and do significantly more. Better Touch Tool is certainly an extremely helpful application to have, if you like custom actions.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

Download Better Touch Tool (45 day free trial; licenses start at $6)

10. TouchBar Piano

This one is even more a fun thing to do with the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros. TouchBar Piano is an application that puts a piano on your fingertips. There are keys laid out on the Touch Bar, and you can essentially tap on them to play music. Inside the interface of the application, you can browse 128 distinct instruments, and you can even change the octave for each of them, to get the correct sound you need.

10 Cool Touch Bar Apps for Your New MacBook Pro

Download TouchBar Piano for Mac (Free)

TouchBar Apps Worthy of a Mention:

  • QuickRes (download) is an application that permits you to rapidly change the native resolutionof your MacBook Pro to a variety of various values. This is helpful for people like graphic designers, who want to check the appearance of their designs on a variety of resolutions.
  • Adobe Photoshop (download) is another really good application that supports the Touch Bar. This included functionality definitely makes it easier, and more intuitive to use the application. You get access to layers, tools, and a lot moredirectly on the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro.
  • TouchBar Dino (download) is an application that puts the classic Google Chrome Dino game on your Touch Bar. You can click on the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro to create the dino jump over obstacles. It’s a fun way to kill some time.

Use These Cool Touch Bar Apps on the new MacBook Pro

These were some of the coolest Touch Bar applications that you can try out on the new MacBook Pro. They definitely create good use of the capabilities of the Touch Bar, and display us the potential of what this technology can become.

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