10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install - Mobile - There’s no dearth of awesome applications on the Google Play Store

There’s no dearth of awesome applications on the Google Play Store yet what are the applications you ought to introduce when you set up another Android gadget?  That is a question we all face from time to time. Sure, you install the popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Uber, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. but what about the other essential apps? Indeed, don’t stress, we have curated a rundown of the 15 must applications for Android that you ought to introduce:

1. Twilight:

The blue light originating from your cell phone can strain your eyes, bringing about uncalled for rest and this is the place the Twilight application proves to be useful. The application adjusts your gadget’s show to the time and sift through the flux of the blue light after nightfall with a marginally red channel to secure your eyes. You can also manually set the color temperature, intensity of the filter and screen dim on the display. There’s likewise an alternative to make profiles, with the goal that you can set custom channels for a specific time, for example, bedtime reading.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

The app is available in a free version but it only lets you create a couple of profiles. For more profiles, ability to adjust transition time for sunset and sunrise, you can get the Pro version of the app.

Install: (Free, Pro $2.99)

2. Action Launcher 3:

In the event that you might want to have more customization alternatives on your Android cell phone, introducing a launcher is a smart thought. Odds are, you are as of now utilizing a mainstream launcher like Nova Launcher yet that is an application nearly everybody knows about. Thus, we are recommending you the Action Launcher 3.  What makes this launcher an unquestionable requirement have is its Pixel Launcher like icons, and features like swipe up to get app drawer and more. Also, Action Launcher 3 packs in a “quicktheme” feature that automatically themes your homescreen based on the colors in your wallpaper. There are some other instinctive elements as well, similar to “Shutters “, which gives you a chance to swipe an application easy route to uncover its gadget.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

Then, there’s “Covers“, which is a unique take on folders. When you tap on a cover, the app opens up and when you swipe a cover, a hidden folder that you have customized opens up. Other than that, the Action Launcher 3 packs in the usual features we have come to expect from a launcher app. Also, while the app is available in a free version, it is very limited and if you want to really enjoy it, get the full version of the app.

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Install: (Free with in-app purchase of $2.99 for Plus version)

3. Next Lock Screen:

Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen app is one of my favorite lock screen apps and it’s something I will prescribe to you. The application conveys delightful Bing beautiful Bing wallpapers to your lockscreen, along with notifications and weather info. You can likewise swipe up from the base to uncover your most utilized applications in view of the time and area alongside convenient switches to camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness slider and more. Moreover, the app supports the different screen locks like PIN, pattern and it supports fingerprint scanner as well.  Over whatever, you can alter it and it works truly well, not at all like other bloated bolt screen applications.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

Install: (Free)

4. Chrooma Keyboard:

The keyboard on most Android cell phones isn’t generally the best, aside from obviously Google Keyboard, which is incredible. So, if you don’t want to ruin your typing experience on your new Android device, you should install a third-party keyboard. Chrooma is an exceptionally adjustable console and it depends on Google Keyboard, so you defeat both universes. There are different subjects for the keyboard including a color adaptive or chameleon theme, which is nothing but the keyboard featuring the same color as the app. Along with the themes, you can totally customize the keyboard. You can change its layout, style, font, keypress sound, vibration and more.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

The app brings gesture aka swipe typing and also includes a lot of gestures. The multilingual keyboard also features a one-hand mode and you can even split the keyboard. We certainly love what Chrooma has to offer and while the app is available in a free version, some features are locked in the Premium version.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase for Premium version)

5. Betternet VPN App:

It’s dependably an incredible thought to have a VPN application installed, in case you want to access geo-locked content, browse the web anonymously or even introduce applications not accessible in your nation. All things considered, Betternet is a simple VPN app that gets the job done. In its free form, the application gives you a chance to interface with a solitary virtual area and does not offer any points of confinement, which ought to be adequate for the vast majority.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

However, if you want more locations, better speed, support and widgets, you can get the Premium subscription starting at $4.99/month. If you are looking at paid VPN apps, you can also check out TunnelBear, which is a great VPN app.

Install: (Free with Premium subscription starting at $4.99/month)

6. Snapseed Photography App:

Snapseed is a definitive photograph altering application on Android from Google. The app supports JPG and RAW DNG files, which is extraordinary since numerous present day cell phones bolster RAW. Alongside the typical altering highlights, it brings some great professional tools like the ability to tune image, white balance, change perspective, add text, change details, healing, vignette and more. There are different cool filters too like lens blur, HDR scape, noir, vintage, frames, retrolux etc. All the styles and tools can be tweaked as per your usage, so you have add up to control on the photograph you are altering.

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10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

Install: (Free)

7. BlackPlayer Music Player:

There are various awesome music player applications accessible for Android but if you are looking for a modern-looking feature rich offering, BlackPlayer is your best bet. The music player highlights a beautiful negligible UI with a selected design that you can modify to meet your utilization. Alongside support for standard sound organizations, the music player underpins gapless playback, worked in equalizer, bassboost and 3D encompass virtualizer, ID3 label supervisor, music scrobbling, crossfading and rest clock. It additionally gives you a chance to see or alter installed verses for tracks, which is truly cool. To aggregate things up, on the off chance that you are searching for a music player with an adaptable and wonderful UI alongside every one of the components, BlackPlayer is the one to get.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

While BlackPlayer is available in a free version, it’s limited when it comes to some options. However, you can get the BlackPlayer EX version, which unlocks all the features.

Install: (Free, Premium $2.49)

8. KeepSafe App Lock:

Our privacy is of vital significance and subsequently, it’s dependably a smart thought to install a good app locker on our Android device. Well, you can check out KeepSafe’s App Lock app, which lets you lock apps via PIN, pattern or the fingerprint scanner, if your device does pack in the hardware, obviously. What I especially like about KeepSafe App Lock is that it lets you set the time after which the app re-locks apps. You can set the app to immediately re-lock apps or set a delay. Additionally, you should enter the PIN, example or unique finger impression to uninstall the application, so that no one else can uninstall the application

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10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

Unlike many app lockers, KeepSafe’s offering looks beautiful, thanks to its usage of Material Design and lovely colors and it works amazingly well.

Install: (Free)

9. TickTock To-do List:

TickTock is a fairly new yet very powerful to-do and task list manager, which ought to most likely make you gainful. The application gives you a chance to make errands and records and you can either enter your points of interest or utilize voice orders with Google Now or Assistant. You can modify a schedule with checklists, priority levels, tags, notes/comments, attachments, locations etc. All of your tasks and lists are synced across your devices, provided you create a TickTock account. It additionally brings you moment area and time updates, coordinates with your logbook application, gives you a chance to bunch alter undertakings and rapidly scan for an assignment.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

You can also share a task list to collaborate and there’s also an option to add a task via email. How cool is that? While there’s a free version of TickTock, it’s limited, when it comes to number of members in a collaboration, tasks, lists, attachments etc. So, if you want to use it extensively, you’ll be better off with the Pro version, which also brings features like custom smart lists, calendar view, list & task activity and more.

Install: (Free with Pro subscription starting at $2.79/month)

10. Solid Explorer:

Solid Explorer is arguably the most easy to understand document administrator application out there. Without a doubt, there are various incredible record director applications you can browse, however what makes the application one of a kind is its delightful oversimplified UI and some truly cool extraordinary elements. Alongside the standard document administration includes, the application offers numerous window boards for simple drag and drop of records, support for FTP customers, compacted record groups, pull pilgrim for established gadgets and then some. Strong Explorer even gives you a chance to shroud documents and incorporates a media watcher that backings the greater part of the prominent media groups.

10 Must Have Android Apps You Should Install

What makes Solid Explorer unique is the fact that it lets you protect files and folders with passwords and if you have a device with a fingerprint scanner, you can use it to easily unlock these files. You can even access your cloud storage files with your fingerprint. The app is available in a free trial for 14-days, after which you will have to pay for the full version.

Install: (Free trial with in-app purchase of $0.45 for Premium version)

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