9 Best Security Apps To Protect Your Android With

In the era of fast processors and advanced technology, privacy and security are compromised. Due to the lack of security updates, android devices are vulnerable to online threats.

The web is never a safe place and is prone to many frauds and security threats. This should make safety the prime topic of concern, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

However, you can install many third-party apps to ensure safety while surfing. Even budget phones under 10,000 now come with the compatibility of security apps that protect your phone. Here is a list of 9 of the best security apps you can find for your android device.

9 Must-Have Security Apps for Your Android Device

1. Malwarebytes

Give your android device advanced protection against malware, ransomware, and other security threats with Malwarebytes. This app automatically detects and removes dangerous security menaces, eliminating the risk of your device being compromised.

Malwarebytes offer real-time shields and thorough scans for phishing URLs while using the Chrome browser and even alerts you if it detects any threats.

2. Bouncer

When you download apps, you have to grant certain permissions for them to function smoothly. While you might use some of them regularly, few are forgotten once their purpose is fulfilled. In this case, there’s no point to keep the permissions intact for them.

With Bouncer, you can keep or remove permissions and even disallow certain actions of the apps. It even alerts you regarding the list of apps that drain your mobile battery faster and apps that sell your information to third parties.

3. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus helps you browse fearlessly by erasing your browsing history, passwords and cookies. Block unwanted ads and trackers – resulting in faster browsing speed.

This Firefox wonder is absolutely free to install and use. Now, keep your browsing data safe and private with Focus.

4. Find My Device by Google

Ring, lock and find your android device within the comfort of a single app. Find My Device by Google earlier used to be Android Device Manager, tracks your phone’s location and even erases data on your lost device.

You can even log in through someone else’s Android device manager and wipe out your phone’s data with this app.

5. LastPass

With multiple online accounts to handle, keeping track of all your passwords is exhausting.

LastPass helps you manage passwords of different accounts efficiently by storing them within their extra layers of security.

6. NordVPN

Keep your data transmissions private and safe with NordVPN’s secure network. This app taps into nearly 5,500 servers across five dozen countries and promises top-notch military-grade encryption for all your mobile traffic.

7. F-Secure App Permissions

While you download a thousand apps on your Android device, they probably access your android data by the permissions you granted while downloading them. To manage these permissions efficiently and protect your mobile data, F-Secure App Permissions works the best.

8. Vault-Hide

Keep your photos, text messages, videos, and contacts private and hide them from everyone’s eyes with Vault-Hide. Protect your applications with passwords, encrypt your photos and videos that you do not want anyone to see, use a secured vault camera, hide calls/messages/contacts/Facebook messages – everything in one place.

The app offers two plans – free and paid. You can apply for a free plan and upgrade to the paid any time you want. The paid features will send you photographs of anyone trying to break in through your phone and provide you with an online vault for backups.

9. Orfox: Tor Browser

Now staying anonymous on the internet is easier than ever with Orfox. Protect your rights to privacy and secure browsing on your android device.

The tor protects your browsing experience by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays that volunteers run all around the world. It protects you from every tracker available on the internet that monitors what you browse and what you download.

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