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3 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Dubai is the undisputed commercial capital of the Middle East. This is the first place where any new business or marketing trends are introduced and implemented. The competition is so fierce that businesses cannot hope to gain an edge or maintain their superiority without constant growth.

Constant change, evolution, innovation and progress; that’s what defines this chaotic digital era. Digital marketing is one of those novel ideas that has become integral to progress. To succeed and become the top dog in your niche, apply the latest digital marketing trends with SEO Sherpa.

These are the top three digital marketing trends in 2021 that define business progress in Dubai;

1.  Augmented Intelligence

AI is quickly establishing a foothold in every industry that is remotely connected to the digital world. Complete automation is still a dream, but much of it can be achieved with the existing technology. Applying clever AI and corporate tactics has created a way for most businesses to reach high-end goals.

A uniquely personal experience is the foundation of many digital marketing trends, as it is in AI augmentation. Chatbots allow users to feel their individuality and not get swept away in the protocols designed for the masses. Individual experiences also garner greater interest and help generate an ever-increasing number of leads. The rate of customer satisfaction also keeps increasing with the AI protocols.

You can cleverly and strategically implement such technology into your business to gain recognition in your niche. It is crucial you get your own in-house AI specialists and digital experts (which is very expensive) or get the services of recognised digital marketers.

2.  Influencer marketing

Digital influencers have become very important to attract customers in this digital age. More than half the potential clients in Dubai read a review or watch a video by an influencer before buying a product or service. Influencers act as independent users that extoll the virtues of a product without bias. As you can guess, influencers are easy to trust. Hence, it is imperative to gain the support of major influencers for the promotion of your brand.

Influencers on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms charge for their reviews. But their services are well worth the effort. With a positive review, your brand can gain an instant following. Collaborate with them to achieve the proper recognition your brand deserves from millions of potential customers.

3.  Video marketing

Sometimes, a small video clip can generate more interest in a product or a service than a thousand ads. Creating short video-based marketing clips has become the newest trend in digital marketing. It is so successful that you cannot view a video on YouTube without seeing ads. It allows your voice to reach the world and have a heart-to-heart with the consumers. Undoubtedly, video marketing has become the most innovative and quickest way to generate interest and leads.

Studies have proven that people find reading reviews or explanations more tedious compared to watching short videos. Therefore, to accelerate your business growth in Dubai 2021, you must employ a service that creates engaging video ads, tutorials and short clips.

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