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One of the best parts about YouTube is the fact that you can listen to your favorite songs on it for free! 

But hang on – do you think anything comes for free nowadays? Nay! (I know how annoying the youtube ads are!) These days, pretty much nothing comes for free, so it’s nice to be able to listen to the songs you like immediately after they’re released!

But hey you’re an iPhone user – Remember? You don’t have the luxury of locking the phone and letting the audio play in the background!  *horror music*

Stop… Right here!


Phew! It just doesn’t work like that! (I guess that’s the catch huh?) and honestly, it’s something none of us ever get used to! 

Whenever you play a song, your hand just automatically reaches for the lock button, and that kills the entire vibe immediately… especially if you’re the one with the AUX cord in the car! 

At that point, you might think that there’s no way you can listen to those exact videos on YouTube, but in MP3 form. But now as you’re here and we’re here to tell you that you totally can! Good news? Yeah!

You just need to know how to convert YouTube videos into an MP3 file, and have it play on your iPhone!  

Now, before you click away thinking that this is going to be a task for a software genius, and this is again “any other tech-savvy post” – it’s not! 

Good! Good! Good! Isn’t it?

All you need is a good, reliable YouTube to MP3 converter to get the job done! Really? Absolutely Yes!

Aren’t YouTube to MP3 Converters Unsafe?

Now you might be wondering why we’re recommending a YouTube converter, considering they’re notorious for bringing all the malware under the sun into your computer that a firewall from heaven can’t even keep out?… but the thing is, that’s only the case with unsafe, unreliable YouTube converters.

if you’re using the right one, your computer will be just fine! Trust me!   

It sounds too good to be true to have a YouTube to MP3 converter that actually works and doesn’t destroy your computer in the process? Right? Yeah and that’s exactly what the Softorino YouTube Converter is for! *drum rolls – drum rolls* 

It brings you the convenience of having all of your YouTube videos, songs, and podcasts offline, and downloaded in MP3 form so you can listen to them wherever you are! 

Internet or no internet! 

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 (Easy)

Although there are lots of different converters available online, we won’t recommend any of those because they’re simply not safe enough to use. They can not only bring pesky viruses into your computer but can also put your phone at risk! 

So it’s a better idea to steer clear of random YouTube converters, and only use the ones that are secure.

Now that that (very necessary) warning is out of the way, let’s get into it! 

To get started, the first thing we need to do is download Softorino YouTube converter 2 from the official Softorino website. 

Once the file is downloaded, install it. 

On Mac OS, you’ll also have to drag the finished file to the Applications folder to finish installing it. When that’s all done, we can get into the fun part! The conversion (of the music of course) 

Softorino YouTube converter 2, is designed in a very intuitive way. So that everyone can use it easily. Seriously, you could give it to a 5-year-old to run and even they’d figure a way around it! (ok – ok – we all know how tech-savvy kids are nowadays!)

There are two ways to use the program

  1. Pasting link 
  2. Looking up the video 

Pasting Link:

If you already have the link to the video you want to download, all you have to do is paste it into the address bar that you’ll see on the main home screen of the program. 

Look right underneath the address bar. You’ll see a section that says “Convert to”. This is where you select how you want the video to be downloaded. Since we want to turn the YouTube video into an audio file, we’re going to select the option that says “Audio”. 

Then, underneath that section, will be an option that lets you select where you want the converted file to be sent. Here you could just download it and send it to desktop, and then transfer it to your iPhone, but that would be a long method (for no reason).  

We’re going to do this the Softorino way, which is also the easy way. Ahan Ahan I like it! 

Instead of sending the file to Desktop, we’re going to directly send it to the iPhone in question! 

You can connect your iPhone to the computer via USB, or transfer the file to the phone through Wi-Fi transfer, whatever method you prefer! 

Once the file is done transferring, you can easily find it in your Music app! Yup, no having to download a third-party (usually not very aesthetically pleasing) app to play the MP3 songs! Just do it from your native app! 

And tada.. you’re done! 

Looking up the video:

If you don’t have the link already, you can also use the built-in browser the program has, and look up the video from there! 

Once you’re on the right video, just follow the steps we’ve already mentioned above and get the video on your phone as an MP3 file! 

That’s all folks! (*saying while eating my carrot*)

Yup, that’s how easy the whole method was! 

Softorino YouTube Converter 2, makes things so simple that you might just find yourself converting throwback songs and sending them to your phone all day! That’s why it’s our favorite converter ever! 

All that convenience, without any viruses or having to deal with 300 dialogue boxes that you keep clicking the wrong “x” on… Easy and safe, just like it should be!

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