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Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

video editing software


Video editing software has become crucial for almost every individual in any field. There was once a time when images had become a superior form of communication. Now is the time when moving images are the trendsetters. You could make videos for personal reasons or professional, but it will have benefits for sure.

Making videos has become more comfortable with the help of smartphones and various types of cameras in the market. However, if you want to use your videos professionally, Video editing software is a must-to-follow step. There is a range of video editing software in the market, and many of them are easy to use with some unique features. Here is an array of video editing tools that you must try if you are a beginner.

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements

The Adobe Premiere Elements may seem to be pricey for beginners, but it is all the more reliable. It provides guided instructions for the new user. It helps users to implement powerful video transitions and effects which look attractive. It ensures an impact which is high in quality for anyone who sees your video. It’s easier to work on short explanatory videos as well as long films. You won’t find some features through which have been produced by modern contenders.

The price is a one-time payment of $79.99.

      2. Corel

Corel VideoStudio is premium quality video-editing software which is cheaper. It also offers some unique features to produce top-notch videos. It offers a unique editing feature called motion tracking, which helps you track one of the video objects throughout the cut. Other attractive features are 360-degrees VR and supporting high definition up to 4K. Having counted these brilliant features, Corel is relatively user-friendly for the beginner but might take time to use the better parts of it.

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The price is a one-time payment of $51.99.

       3. Apple iMovie

The Apple iMovie is a brilliant video-editing app that comes preinstalled in any Macbook. It has a simple yet elegant format that is attractive for new users. It is also very easy to use, offering some of the great video formatting options. You can easily add classy filters, music themes, and audio recordings to your videos. You can easily transfer your videos through your iPad or iPhone. The feature of green-screen is another covered feature. It is also compatible with social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

       4. Filmora by Wondershare

There are multiple versions of Filmora made for usage on PCs and smartphones. Their key feature is intuitiveness and hence being smooth and easy for anyone to use. There are some beautiful filters and transitions that make your video look classy and professional. You also get a set of royalty-free music that you can use in your videos. Short videos are amazingly quick to make, and high-quality 4K support is also seamless. The “Easy Mode” makes fun videos by a simple drag and drop process.

You can have lifetime access to Filmora with a one-time payment of $59.99. You can have a one-year license for $39.99.

          5. Cyberlink

The CyberLink PowerDirector is another brilliant option for first-time users with advanced features. The interface is simple and straightforward. Few tutorials are enough to guide you through them. This has been renowned to be among the fastest video editors. It has consistently served as videos become more and more professional. It can work with 4K videos and 360-degree VR videos. A comprehensive suite of effects is also attractive for beginners.

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The entire package is available for $79.99 one-time payment.

          6. KineMaster

KineMaster is a free video-editing software for Android and iOS users. As a mobile tool, it has been popular for providing various premium tools that are also easy to navigate. It offers all the basic editing options and adds layers of texts, effects, and other forms of media. It can also add recordings and soundtracks and has a large following and the support community is ready to solve issues.

There is a free version available all time, but some may want to have the paid version paid monthly ($3.49) or yearly ($27.99).

         7. Nero Video

The Nero Video offers some of the best features at a comparatively lower price. You can use a range of filters, sound effects. and transitions. They have their own exclusive set of effects and audio tracks that you can use to the fullest. The software can sometimes be slow for some users but it can be a great platform to learn for beginners over-time.

The cost of Nero Video is a one-time payment of $49.99.

         8. Lumen5

The Lumen5 is an attractive tool, especially for those who want to use videos as marketing tools. It has the unique sell-away to “turn blog posts into social promos”. Video creation is undoubtedly a breeze with the Lumen5. You might have to spend some time analyzing how exactly these videos will enhance your blog posts, but they certainly will. There are simple drag and drop gifs and video clips you can use. You can also listen to music and make it suitable for social media engagement.

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The free version works for unlimited 480p videos. If you have to do with 1080p videos, you must upgrade to $50 per month.

       9. InVideo

InVideo is an attractive video-editor software which can help you promote businesses as well as educational purposes. It is effortless to use in all age-groups at a very cost-effective option. It also houses a variety of stock content, including videos, images, and music effects. It can be used as a great photo slideshow maker and making personal videos for large events. It is a flexible tool for those who want to communicate more through their videos. It is compatible with all operating systems and all devices.


Video making has certainly enhanced communication to a great degree. Whether you want to promote a business or have to interact with a number of students in a class, videos can be beneficial. In the current trend of digital interaction, video editing is an important skill. With these tools, everyone can stand up to this simple challenge and enjoy it as well.

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