7 Easy SEO Strategies to Get More Visitors & Readers

An effective SEO strategy contains a lot of elements. Backlinks, targeting, keyword research are all parts of one. But finding your own golden method may need some time. There are thousands of recommendations from the best experts online, but something might not work yet.

There may be a small mistake in your competitor research or the choice of partnering websites. Or maybe you’ve missed the latest industry updates and trends.

Such things happen, and realizing something’s wrong is already a part of the solution. Here, we’ll share the best SEO tactics that will help you bring your site to the next level!

1. Write High-Quality Content

Whatever they say, quality of content is the main key to success. You can optimize all you want, use all organic SEO techniques and methods to get backlinks. But if the quality of a text or a visual leaves much to be desired, no trick will work.

Focus on quality:

  • Research the most relevant topics your audience is interested in;
  • Structure your text with lists and subheadings;
  • Add visual content;
  • Encourage communication and sharing;
  • Write in a friendly tone;
  • Check for grammar, punctuation, and uniqueness;
  • Hire a professional copywriter when needed.

2. Create Visual Content

One of the more underestimated SEO tactics and strategies is using visuals. First of all, they have to be high-quality as well. All kinds of graphs and infographics are incredibly popular and will bring you lots of backlinks if the topic is relevant.

But SEO-wise, it’s the alt tags and the name that matters. Choose a keyword matching your article and the image, use it as:

  • The name of the file;
  • A part of the alt tag;
  • A small-print description when necessary.

Choose images carefully and don’t limit yourself to royalty-free abstract visuals. You can hire a designer to create an infographic that will get you lots of attention and new readers.

3. Use Link-Building

Link building, honestly, is on all TOP lists of SEO recommendations. And this happens for a reason. This approach:

  • Builds your reputation;
  • Influences the ranking of pages, as well as their indexing;
  • Creates a beautiful reference portfolio;
  • Finds you partners to cooperate with later, etc.

You need dofollow backlinks in guest posts, ‘recommended’ sections, their publications, TOP lists, etc.

How to build links?

First of all, check this page for a full guide. And if you need brief info, here it is:

  • Guest posting.
    Write guest content and pitch it to other blogs and websites to post there with a backlink. You can write text or provide a guest infographic.
  • Broken links.
    Inspect your backlink profile and other links with industry-specific anchors for URLs that lead to broken pages. Contact the webmaster and offer a substitution.
  • Unlinked mentions.
    Set up Google Alerts for mentions of your brand, website, products, services, names involved, or industry-specific terms. If a link would suit the reference, contact the webmaster and ask for one.
  • Existing posts.
    Find blogs and sites close to yours by topic and philosophy and contact the owner with a pitch. Let them consider an opportunity of referring to your content.

4. Put Effort into Keyword Research

Even for easy SEO backlinks, you need the right anchors. And anchors are keywords specific for your industry, the name of the brand or website, etc., depending on the case.

Put effort into research, and keep in mind that:

  • Long-tail keywords will really help your blog posts appear higher on SERPs;
  • General one-word KWs aren’t very useful for your site since they are too competitive;
  • You shouldn’t use too many keywords in one text.

5. Improve UX

User experience helps SEO indirectly, but it does. Responsive design, quick and clear instructions, great customer support, overall design are all important.

You have to make sure that once a person clicks on your link, they don’t want to leave. The design should be welcoming and not too ‘heavy’ or flashy. The pages should load for 3-4 seconds maximum. Otherwise, most of your traffic will leave.

The support team should be there for your potential clients, and the content should be entertaining.

6. Focus on Evergreen Content

Evergreen content includes:

  • How-to;
  • What Is;
  • TOP X;
  • Guide to;
  • X Steps, etc. type of articles.

Create a full high-quality guide with a ton of your experience, unique statistics available thanks to your company, and this article will become a gold mine. 

The audience will read it and share with friends. Other blogs and websites will link back to your content, use quotes, share infographics.

7. Adjust Targeting

Look into your target audience. Maybe your values have changed since the last time you’ve adjusted the settings? Maybe the audience of the past doesn’t suit the brand anymore?

It’s not that people are bad or become worse. Sometimes, when a company develops and evolves, its philosophy does the same. It’s OK that the initial perfect buyer changes. Your job is to notice it timely and change the settings. 

Think about the person your business is perfect for. Switch on critical thinking and outline the target profile. Plus, it’s a good idea to contact a targeting agency where a specialist inspects your website, products, services, and sees clearly what kind of audience will go crazy over them.


SEO isn’t just one thing. It’s also very volatile and changes frequently. So, the small tricks that work now may not last till next month. But some tactics stay adamant: link building, high-quality content writing, proper targeting, etc.

Focus on these and then adjust the strategy according to the new tips and trends of 2021. You’ll see positive changes in 3 months or even less.

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