How To Customize The Enlightenment Desktop – Part 3 – Screens

Element 1 blanketed converting the desktop wallpaper, altering the application themes and putting in new desktop themes. Component 2


Welcome to element 3 of this series displaying how to customise the enlightenment computer environment.

If you ignored the primary two components you will locate them right here:

  • Personalize the enlightenment computing device – component 1
  • Customise the enlightenment desktop – component 2

Element 1 blanketed converting the desktop wallpaper, altering the application themes and putting in new desktop themes. Component 2 included customizing programs inclusive of putting in a favorites menu, placing default programs for specific report kinds and launching packages on startup.

This time i will be showing you how to outline the range of virtual computer systems, how to customize the lock display and how to adjust whilst and the way the screen is going blank when the pc isn’t always in use.

Virtual computers

With the aid of default there are four digital desktops installation whilst the usage of enlightenment inside bodhi linux. You could adjust this range to 144. (although i can’t believe why you will want a hundred and forty four computer systems).

To alter the digital computer settings left click on at the laptop and pick “settings -> settings panel” from the menu. Click on the “displays” icon on the pinnacle of the settings panel and then choose “virtual desktops”.

You may see the four computers in a 2 x 2 grid. There are slider controls to the right and bottom of the desktops. Flow the slider up on the right aspect to regulate the quantity of vertical computers and move the slider at the bottom to adjust the wide variety of horizontal computer systems. For examples in case you need a three x 2 grid slide the lowest slide throughout till the wide variety 3 shows.

There are few other options available in this display. The “flip while dragging objects near to the display area” option whilst checked have to display the subsequent computer in case you drag an item to the edge of the display. The “wrap computers round when flipping” alternative actions the ultimate computing device to the first position and the primary to the second one and so forth.

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The flipping movements is predicated on the brink detection settings being activated. This could be included in a later article on this collection of tutorials.

Every virtual laptop may have its very own wallpaper photograph. Truely click at the picture of the computing device you desire to change and this will bring up a “desk settings” display screen. You could deliver each computing device a name and set the wallpaper image. To set the wallpaper click the “set” button and navigate to the photo you need to apply.

The virtual computer settings screen has two tabs available. The default is the only that permits you to outline the wide variety of desktops and has the heading “computers”. The other is called “flip animation”. If you click at the “flip animation” tab you can choose a nice visual effect as a way to arise when you move to some other desktop.

Options consist of:

  • None
  • Blend
  • Diagonal
  • Grow
  • Pane
  • Zoom

Screen lock settings

There are some of methods to adjust how and while your screen locks while the use of the enlightenment computer surroundings. You may additionally customise what takes place while the display locks and what you have to do to free up the display screen.

To regulate the screen lock settings pick “display lock” from the settings panel.

The display lock settings window has a number of tabs:

  • Locking
  • Keyboard format
  • Login container
  • Timers
  • Presentation mode
  • Wallpaper

The locking tab lets you set whether the lock display screen is proven on startup or no longer and whether it’s far shown while you suspend (close the computer lid and so forth).

You may also put in force some of unique techniques for unlocking the display. The default alternative is your consumer’s password but you could additionally set up a private password or a pin variety. All you have to do is click on on the correct radio button and provide the password or pin range required to release the system. In my opinion i suggest leaving this on my own.

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The keyboard layout tab lets you pick out the keyboard to use for getting into passwords. There can be a listing of all your to be had keyboard layouts. Pick the only you wish to use and click practice.

The login container tab lets you pick out which display the login field seems on. This relies on you having a couple of screens installation. The alternatives to be had consist of present day display screen, all screens and display variety.

If you choose display screen variety then you could circulate a slider along to pick the display the login container appears on.

The timers tab helps you to outline how long after the screensaver displays that the machine locks. By default that is immediately. So if your screensaver is about to kick in after a minute then as soon because the screensaver is displayed the device will lock.

You can circulate the slider along to modify this time.

The alternative option of the timer tab lets you determine after how many minutes the machine locks automatically. As an example if you set the slider to five mins then your system will lock after 5 minutes of state of no activity.

In case you are watching a film for your laptop then you may want the system to enter presentation mode in order that the screen remains on. The “presentation mode” tab helps you to determine how lengthy the system must be inactive before a message is displayed asking if you want to use presentation mode.

The wallpaper tab lets you set a wallpaper for the lock display screen. The alternatives consist of the wallpaper for the topic, the modern wallpaper or a custom wallpaper (your very own image). To define your very own picture click on on the “custom” alternative, click at the picture box and navigate to the picture you desire to use.

Screen blanking

The display blanking settings determine how and when your display screen is going clean.

To adjust the screen blanking settings pick out “display screen blanking” from the settings panel.

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The screen blanking software has 3 tabs:

  • Blanking
  • Wakeup
  • Presentation

From the blanking tab you could turn the display blanking characteristic on and stale. You can specify the quantity of time it takes for the screen to move blank by means of sliding the slider to the quantity of mins of interest there needs to be earlier than the screen is going blank.

Other options on the blanking display permit you to decide whether or not the system suspends when the screen is going clean and whether or not the device suspends even if there’s ac strength (i.E. It’s miles plugged in).

In case you set the device to suspend then there may be a slider letting you specify the amount of time earlier than the device suspends.

Subsequently you can additionally specify whether or not blanking occurs for complete screen programs. Generally talking if you are watching a video in a complete window you won’t need the device to droop.

The wakeups tab has multiple options which assist you to determine whilst the system automatically awakens together with whilst there’s a notification or an urgent movement consisting of low electricity.

The “presentation mode” putting is the same as the one for the screen locking and lets you specify how long the machine is idle earlier than a message appears suggesting switching to presentation mode. You may need to use presentation mode in case you are looking films or you are performing a presentation.


This is is for component three. The a part of the guide will cover window, language and menu settings.

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If you want to try out the enlightenment computer surroundings why no longer deploy bodhi linux following this grade by grade manual.

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