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How to Make video Resume

Have you ever thought of creating an eye-catching resume?

A resume is your first impression on the hiring manager of a company. A bad resume can cut you out of the hiring process in no time. Therefore, it is essential to take this part seriously.

But, it is not easy to create a mainstream resume that leaves an imprint on the hiring team.

Here enters the video resume.

A video resume can bring you in front of the line with all the creative stuff you can do. It gives you an advantage over other applicants and favors your chances of selection.

Let us dip in some tactics you can use to create your perfect video resume.

What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a key to unlock your dream job. Apart from reflecting your CV in video format, a video resume is a way to showcase your character, create an excellent first impression, and emphasize your skill and talents.

Not that different from a paper resume, you need to cover the following things:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Achievements

Above all, your resume should make it clear to the employer that what essential service you can provide, and why should he hire you?

If you find yourself uncomfortable in front of the camera, then there is nothing to worry about. A video resume gives you the advantage of using your creativity. You can choose some other video style if you are not confident about speaking in a camera.

Animation: An animated video requires some animation and video editing skills. But, you can always choose from a ton of templates available online. It gives you the freedom to use your creativity to make your resume look more engaging. Here is an excellent example of an animated video resume.

Whiteboard animation: Even if you are not aware of the term, I am sure you have seen a whiteboard video somewhere on the internet. A whiteboard video illustrates a story using sketch-like animation on a white screen. It got the name because it looks like drawing on a whiteboard. You can use video animation software to create one quickly.

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Examples mentioned above require prior video editing knowledge and the use of multiple video creating programs. If you can’t spend that much time in learning all the stuff, then you need to use an easy to understand video editor like Movavi Video Suite.

You can import various media file formats and enhance your video with special effects and transitions. You can use its screen recorder feature to showcase your skills using your device. Showing your actual work always leads to a better impact.

Why Create a Video Resume?

The online platform is changing every day. First, it was written articles, later it was images, and now videos are the primary source to transmit knowledge. Apart from that, according to research, people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see.

The market is competitive, and the attention span is shrinking. Also, the human brain process visuals faster than text, therefore it becomes easy to remember you if you can grab maximum attention. Keeping this in mind, if you can grasp attention in the first few seconds, then only you can leave your impression. To better your chances, always submit a readable document along with your video.

If you are in a creative field that revolves around design and motion graphics, then you should make a video resume. It allows the hiring manager about your CV, and it also serves as an example of your work.

Tips to Create a Video Resume

If you are new to video editing, then it can be daunting to create one in a single go. Besides that, it is easier to develop a wrong video with maximum efforts than a good one. Only if you follow a particular work structure, you can provide the required professionalism in your video resume.

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Things to keep in mind while making your video resume:

  1. Write a Script

Always note down what you want to include in your video and re-check every detail in case you miss some points. Afterward, create an engaging script, use humor in between to gain attention, or ask an open question and answer yourself. For example, “You must be wondering where did I spend the last two years?”

If you are planning to be in front of the camera, then it’s better to memorize the script. Reading and reciting from a paper can be unprofessional and detract the image of a potential employee. Instead, use the graphical medium to showcase your talent.

  1. Make it Relevant

Consider the requirements of the company and direct your video according to that. You can try to set a motto ar tagline of your video around which you build a concept. For example, you can tell about your sports career to show your teamwork, thus implying you are an excellent team player.

  1. Keep it Short

Try to keep your video simple and straight. Remember the KISS formula if it helps; Keep It Simple Silly.

You want to grab your audience in a story, note down important points required for the company, and build your life story around it. Try not to include meaningless points.

  1. Get Creative

It’s not likely that you would be the only one sending a video resume. That’s why you have to be creative and use your imagination. Try to be natural regarding your personality and use your tools wittily. We have discussed some creative ideas for videos further below. Watch them, for they can inspire you for your masterpiece.

  1. Make it Professional

You want to look professional to your audience. Make a good quality video. If it helps, your smartphones are capable of creating HD videos. For better results, record your voice in a microphone and enhance it using audio tools. You need to remove noise and add joyful music in the background. You can find a lot of good royalty-free music on Soundcloud and YouTube Music.

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Besides, try not to use slang in your script. Keep your content formal and straight to the point.

  1. Shoot Several Takes if Necessary

While making a video resume, you get the benefit of taking as many shots until you satisfy. Try to be natural and take several takes to find the sweet spot. If you are using Movavi Video Editor, then you can have the option to add multiple videos parallelly, and you can choose the best shot from every video.

  1. Collect Feedback

Your video resume is not complete unless you make it perfect. Once you complete your final touch, take a break. Show your creation to your close ones like friends and family. Helpful feedback can open up some new windows in your imagination. Also, someone can help you with your project. It is wiser to take help than struggle to find a way.

2 Awesome Video Resumes

I hope you are not overwhelmed with all the information. Just understand the structure of what you want to do. Follow this content creation guide by VisualizeValue. It can help you to create a structure and focus on key points.

Take inspiration from the following videos:

  1. Denny Kremblas

  1. Mark Leruste


As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.”

A quirky video resume can help you gain maximum attention and thus increases your chances of getting hired. It would be best if you get all the help you can and have a final idea of what you want to create. However, if something better occurs, you can always improvise.

Try to be natural and straight to your points and build a story around it. You need to focus your video to the requirements of a company. And indeed, be creative and think outside the box.

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